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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 45

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 45

Tears strolled down Hilda’s cheeks as she watched the boys bring out their swords and take it to the neck of her son who was tied in front of her.
They were going to kill him!!

“No! Please…! Don’t touch him, please! He’s all I’ve got”. Hilda cried out, wanting to stretch her hands but couldn’t since her hands were tied.

How did it get to this point? Who were these men and why were they trying to cause her pains?

She could remember vividly; she’d returned home and found them in that state – her son tied to the chair with the boys beside him. What could be going on? What has she done to deserve this?

“We don’t have to hurt you or your son, young woman” one of the boys suddenly said, taking the sword closer to her son’s neck and threatening a cut.
“But if you don’t do as we say, we’ll have no choice but to make you live a lonely life because your son would definitely be going beneath the ground”.

“No!! I’ll do anything you ask of me. Please, just don’t hurt him I beg of you. Please…” She whimpered fearfully and the boys smiled, knowing they’d gotten her exactly where they wanted..


Lord Xander stood, staring at the letter in his hand.

An invitation to a sword fight from Prince Berlin? And not just any fight, but a fight to death?
Why would Berlin demand such? He pondered over it and just then, saw the note at the end of the letter:

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Then, it became clear to Xander. He was inviting him to a swords fight for vengeance?

“My Lord” the messenger called when he didn’t say anything for a while.
“Someone’s waiting to take your report. Are you accepting the challenge or not, My Lord?” He tried sounding as humble as possible, and succeeded.

Lord Xander continued staring at the letter for some more while, digesting it in. It was going to be in an open field, in the presence of so many Kings, Masters and Rulers.

Exhaling lightly, he rolled the letter up and handed it back to the messenger.

“Write a letter to Prince Berlin and tell him I accept his challenge”. He stated coldly and walked away, going to resume his training at the field
And without hesitation, the messenger bowed and ran off.
“What do you think is in that letter, Jaden?” Kaylan asked as she watched the messenger run off.

“Seriously Kaylan? Have I become a ghost or something? How do you expect me to know what’s in it, huh? I’ve been standing here with you, Jaden replied.

“God! You talk too much, Jaden. A simple NO would’ve been cool with me instead of talking like a parrot” Kaylan stated with an eye roll, earning a glare from Jaden.
But she didn’t see it and didn’t care anyway and they both became quiet as they continued watching Xander.

“Hm. Can you notice Xander’s looking more angry now?” Kaylan suddenly asked observantly.

“Yeah, I can notice. What do you think the problem could be? Must’ve been that letter from the messenger”, Jaden also noted and they resumed watching silently.

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Kaylan couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked even in his angry mood. As a matter of fact, he even seemed more cute when angry.

She really wanted to teach this guy a lesson and make him understand he’s made a grave mistake ever disrespecting and disregarding her in the first place. She was ready to make that happen.

“And what’re you two doing here?” They suddenly heard a voice from behind and quickly turned to see it was Mansi – Madame Hapitha’s first daughter.


“I mean, why are you hiding and peeping? Did you do something wrong?” She added with a scoff.

“Did it actually look like we were peeping?” Kayla asked.
“Actually, it didn’t seem so. Unless, you’re actually the one peeping at us”.

Mansi was amazed.

“Are you for real?” She asked. “I was peeping at you?”

“Look, since you weren’t peeping and we weren’t peeping either, maybe we should just act like we didn’t see anything. So, why don’t you proceed with where you’re headed? Unless… you’re actually here to see me” Kaylan said with a shrug and Mansi stared at her with disbelief

Completely mannerless.

She huffed and walked away.

“Come on, Kaylan. I think we should get going. You’re causing so much trouble”. Jaden said and reached for her hand.
And just then, Kaylan gasped widely.

“Jaden!!” She shirked.
“I think I’ve gotten a perfect idea already!”

Jaden was almost forced to roll her eyes.

“What idea, Kaylan?” She asked.

“The plan I told you about – making Xander see me with so much respect, I think have my first step already – right now”.

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