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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 44

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 44

By: Faith Lucky

Jaden watched the expression on Kaylan’s face as she returned to the room, looking like a…

“Hey”‘ she tapped her arm, but Kaylan said nothing as she just walked pass her and went ahead to sit on the bed, placing her hand on her jaw.

Hmph – Jaden hummed and went closer to her.

“Hey pumpkin what the hell happened out there? Were you able to give the flowers to him?” She asked and Kaylan simply replied with a nod.

“And… what happened? Did he collect them?” She asked and Kaylan replied with another nod.


“So, what’s the problem? Why are you looking this way?” Jaden scoffed, finding the whole thing bemusing and Kaylan released her hand from her jaw.

“He collected the flowers, but he was grumpy about it” she said with a pout.

“Grumpy? How?” Jaden asked.

“Although, he thanked me, but he had the guts to issue a warning, telling me he was going to kill me himself if I ever mock him with his past” Kaylan replied and stood up, going to face the window.

“Well… it’s nothing to be angry about, Kaylan” Jaden shrugged. “I mean, if Lord Xander was rude to you, it shouldn’t be a big deal because it’s part of him. Actually, I think you should be lucky he actually collected it”.

“Whatever, Jaden. It isn’t right”. Kaylan huffed, placing her hands on her waist.
“It seems I’ve been ridiculed a lot, hence, lost my value already. And I really need to work on that. I need to gain my respect”.

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Jaden’s brows arched.
“And… what’re you talking about?” She asked.

“I want Xander to start seeing the value in me and make him understand I’m not just some cheap commodity that he bought from my father and can treat like trash. I want him to understand I’m Princess Kaylan, and he should actually feel lucky he’s privileged to own someone like me”
She lifted her shoulders, trying to emit some air of royalty, while Jaden almost bursted out laughing.

“I’m really not in the mood to laugh, Kaylan. Just what do you think you’re doing?” Jaden scoffed.

“I know what I’m doing, Jaden. Just wait and see” Kaylan replied and started towards the door.

“Hold on; where are you going?” Jaden asked as she ran after her.
They walked out the door.

“Kaylan, where do you think you’re going?”

“I just want to take a peep at Xander. He should be at the field”. Kaylan replied without looking at her as she continued walking in a hurry.

“The field? And what do you want to see him for? I don’t understand?” Jaden scoffed.

“I have my reasons…”

They continued walking, receiving a lot of bows and greetings from some of the maids they came across and finally, they arrived at the field.


Xander could be clearly seen right there at the middle, having a sword fight with a man while the other guards stood around and watched.

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“Come on” Kaylan pulled Jaden’s hand and ran away with her, going to stand behind a pole so Xander doesn’t have to see them in any way.

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“I don’t get you. You came here to see him, yet you’re hiding from him. Are you for real?” Jaden snapped.

“Just keep shut, Jaden. I don’t remember asking you to come with me in the first place anyway”. Kaylan rolled her eyes and tried focusing on her target.

She watched as Xander fought smartly with the sword. But it didn’t seem more like a fight, but like a training as he’d pause on some occasions to say some words.

“Always attack from the right angle” he commented and used his sword from the right angle.

Kaylan watched keenly, taking note of how handsomely dark he looked even with the fact that he seemed so serious. His sword skills were amazing and in no time, he swept the man off his feet and made him fall hard on the floor.

“Urgh!” The man let out a painful grunt.

“Wow. Xander’s so powerful” Jaden said with a sheepish smile, also staring keenly at him..

“Come to think of it, Kaylan; he’s actually your husband; yet you’ve never acted like his wife. There are a lot of ladies who would want to be in your position, you know?”

Kaylan simply rolled her eyes and continued watching. She was thinking of a perfect way to strategise her plan.

Xander was speaking to his men when one of the messengers showed up, having a script with him.

“My Lord” he called with a bow.
“Sorry to interrupt, but there’s an urgent message for you”.

Xander wanted to get angry for being interrupted, but then he knows the messengers would never interrupt unless it’s very important.

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The messenger with his head bowed and the scroll proffered towards Lord Xander and gently, Xander collected it from him.

He unrolled it and read the content, first discovering it was a message from the Kingdom of Pishan.

It was an invitation to a fight in two days time, a sword fight by Prince Berlin.


Hilda – the chief cook – stood in fear as she watched the two boys bring sword out. Her entire body was shaking as she felt her world was about coming to an end.

“Please… Please.. ” tears strolled down her cheeks.
What do you think is going on?🤔

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
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