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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 30


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 30

By: Faith Lucky

The ride to the palace was very long and when they finally arrived, Kaylan couldn’t help but feel so relieved. Her waist was beginning to hurt already.

Peeping from the window, she admired the beauty of the palace which was looking well decorated and arranged, guards and maids moving about with trays and the rest. The place looked really busy, and cheerful.

Xander’s carriage rode in and parked at a suitable location, and immediately, his guards came around and led him as he walked out of the carriage with Kaylan’.

Their heads of the guards were bowed, Axel standing in front of him while another guard stood beside Kaylan and in that manner, they started walking towards the party together.

“Lord Xander!” A man suddenly called, rushing towards them with some guards behind him.
“You’re here! I’m so glad you made it”

Xander stopped walking as the man got to where he was and so did Kaylan and the guards.

“Minister Connors” Xander called, his hands crossed behind his back.
“Nice to meet you too”.

“Oh! The pleasure’s all mine”. .
The man’s eyes diverted to Kaylan who was just beside him.

“Wow. This must be the new bride, I guess. She’s so beautiful”

“Thank you” Kaylan replied with a smile, her cheeks helplessly blushing.

“If you wouldn’t mind, Mr Connors, we would like to proceed to the main party” Xander cut in immediately, making the man’s eyes go back to him.

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“Oh! Of course, please come with me” he replied and they continued walking together, the man and his guards in front of them.

As they got closer to the party spot, Kaylan could clearly hear the sound of the drums and voices and it was so obvious the party was really heated already.

Kaylan felt a little excited as she’s always loved parties – so much. But in her case, she wasn’t so sure she’d be able to have the crazy fun she normally did.

“Lord Gregory was asking after you a while ago” The man in front of him said as they got closer to the party, but Xander said nothing; not a word.
Hmph. It wasn’t strange to Kaylan anyways.

Eyes were rotating around them as they got closer and while it was so obvious some of the people looked at him with admiration, Kaylan could notice majority of them looked at him with fear and discern.

“Lord Xander”. A man came out to meet them. .
“You’re here”.

“Good morning, Minister” Xander responded perfunctorily.

“Good morning. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. Good morning, Princess Kaylan”.

“Thank you. And good morning to you too” Kaylan portrayed a little.

“Please, do have a seat”.
The man led them to a seat and as they sat, more people came to Honor Xander’s presence. Not Kings tho, but other rulers just like him.

Normally, as a ruler, he was meant to go to the Kings and meet them. But being the Xander he was, he didn’t care

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Kaylan felt a little twitchy sitting next to him. She stared at the other Kings and Masters and their wives, noting how they sat next to each other, just like she did. And not wanting to feel bored, she decided to entertain herself with the people dancing over there – the special dancers.

Almost immediately, a man came up and whispered something into Xander’s ears and after which, he stood up.

He looked at Kaylan, more like he wanted to say a word to her. But couldn’t. Actually, he wanted to tell her he’d be back, but being the reserved person that he was, he couldn’t bring himself to say it. So, in that manner, he just turned around and left with his boys

“Here’s a drink for you, my princess” a maid walked upto her and said, a drink on a tray which she held in her hand.

Kaylan spared her a glance

“Um… thank you. You can just keep it over here” she replied and helped the maid drop the tray on a small table beside her.
After which, she left immediately.

Kaylan looked at the drink and noticed it was steaming hot – one of their local drinks. And oh! She had needed it to get cool a little.

But…. she had no idea it was poisoned.

Few seconds later, a young pretty lady showed up and took the seat next to Kaylan.

“I… I hope it isn’t taken by anyone, please?”. The lady asked, looking at Kaylan.

“Um…no, it isn’t” she answered twitchily and the lady nodded and looked away.
Kaylan stole glances at her, noticing she looked so beautiful and dressed like a Queen; or a princess. But she looked really sad.

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Actually, it was princess Nivea.

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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