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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 29


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 29

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan walked behind Axel as he led her to the Royal carriage as instructed and getting there, she noticed it was still empty.

“I thought Lord Xander would be here already?” She turned to Xander and asked.

“He’s getting ready, princess annd will be here soon. Please, go into the carriage and wait” Axel answered respectfully with a bow and not wanting to create a scene, Kaylan walked into the carriage and took a seat.

She didn’t know for how long she waited but just when she was getting impatient, Xander finally showed up. She knew so when she heard the guards calling out his name.

“My Lord”.

For no reason, Kaylan could feel her heart skip. Maybe it was because she’d be so close to Xander for a long time, sitting next to him in the carriage and riding with him until they get to their so called destination

The curtains were opened right afterwards and taking a look, Kaylan’s eyes came in contact with Xander. Oh..crap.

She swallowed hard and took her eyes to the floor Immediately, her heart beating a little faster than usual. She had only glanced at him, but even with those few seconds, she could still notice how gorgeous and royal he looked as gold glittered around him.

She could hear every sound and feel him as he climbed into the carriage and sat next to her.

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“Um… good morning…My Lord” she greeted perfunctorily, with her head still bowed.

Although, her head was bowed as she couldn’t look him in the face, she could tell he was staring at her – longer than usual.

“Good morning” His grumpy reply finally came as he turned away from her. And with no more word said, the carriage began moving Immediately.



Princess Nivea sat in front of the mirror as the maids did some really good job on her face. She was looking so cool and beautiful, but her heart was a breathing mess as she suffered so much sadness and pain.

There was a festival going on at the palace and unlike the other maidens who were so excited and having fun already, Nivea’s case was different as all she could feel was anguish.

“I’m done, my princess” the Malden primping her up said, when she was done with the touches on her face.

“You look so beautiful” she added.

Princess Nivea looked into the mirror and could indeed, see a beautiful woman. But only she could see the scars behind that beauty…

“Thank you, Alice” she muttered a reply and stared down at the table.

Just then, the door opened and looking through the mirror, she noticed it was him – Prince Noah

Her heart skipped heavily as she stared at him like her greatest nightmare had just arrived.

The maiden – Alice – could notice how the princess’ hands began shaking already, despite the fact she tried holding the hem it her dress with it

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“Good evening, my prince” she greeted with a bow as the prince got close. But he didn’t reply or spare her a glance as his eyes were only fixed on the pretty woman in front of the mirror.

Getting to Nivea, he leaned forward on her chair with his hands on both sides.

“Leave us, Alice” he commanded and without hesitation, the maid bowed and left
And Nivea’s fear increased as it dawned on her that she was alone with her husband.

“Why’s my bride looking so beautiful this morning, huh?’ he whispered into her ear and kissed her neck.
Cold shivers ran through her.

“It seems you’re so excited…so excited to celebrate with the King and his wife, right? For the arrival of their first son?”

Nivea said nothing, only stared down at the table in fear.

“If only you’d been a woman enough and given me a son, this festival would’ve been our name, not theirs. And if have found a way to snatch the kingship from my brother!”

Nivea Said nothing still, although the force he’d used in producing the last word made her shiver a bit.

The prince suddenly became angrier as he jerked her from the chair and pushed her roughly to the wall, such that her back landed hard on it.

“Noah, please…” Nivea whimpered, tears resting at the brink of her eyes.

Noah chuckled, the next second, the hard look was back on his face.

“You’re a disgrace, Nivea. Ruined my whole plans” he growled and pushed her to the floor.

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Nivea whimpered, the pain in her heart so heavy and angrily, he walked out of the room.
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