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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 55


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 55

By: Faith Lucky

“Are you sure I’m looking good enough?” Jaden asked Kaylan as she twirled herself in front of the mirror.

“Stop being impossible, Jaden. We’re only going there to watch a fight.
Oh…. Forgive my manners; I actually forgot you’re single and you’re probably looking out for a husband” Kaylan teased, earning a glare from Jaden as they left the room.

“Do we make use of a horse?” Jaden asked as they walked outside.

“Of course, not I don’t even know how to use a horse. Besides, using a horse right now would create too much suspicions from the guards and I don’t want that. So, we’ll just get a ride outside…” Kaylan replied.

They walked out the gate, strolled down to the market side and there they were able to get a local carriage to ride them to the venue.


Lord Xander stepped out of his carriage, his sheath in his left hand, and Axel behind him.

From where he stood, he could clearly see the arena – a lot of people were gathered all around already, Kings and Queens, Rulers and their wives and mistresses and other citizens from certain villages and communities.

They were around, watching and waiting for the fight.

After having enough observation, Xander proceeded to go forward; But just as he approached the entrance, his eyes came in contact with Prince Berlin’s.
Berlin was also trying to walk in with his own guards when he spotted Xander and suddenly stopped walking. He smirked widely at Xander; then gave this look of *I’m ready for you*. And finally walked in.

Xander gave no reaction as he decided to just proceed, but he suddenly stopped on his tracks when he felt a slight dizziness hit at him.

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“My Lord!” Axel called and touched his shoulder.
“Are you alright?”

Xander touched his forehead, wondering what that had been.

“I’m fine” he mumbled and walked away.

The crowd cheered loudly and excitedly as they spotted Lord Xander and Prince Berlin walking into the arena.

Lord Xander was led to his seat while Prince Berlin was led to his. He could see his father, mother and brother all seated on their spaces and staring at him. A grim smile touched his lips. Definitely, he was going to make them proud today. It was only a matter of time before the fight commences….

And one of the coordinators marched onto the main arena. He was so huge, well built and was known as a popular warrior.

“Are we ready???!!” He yelled and the crowd answered with some loud cheers.
If it had been a hall, it was damn sure the noises would’ve cracked the walls already.

“As we all know” he began, making his voice deep and loud enough.
“It’s a special day for us all, as we’re here to experiencea fierce battle two war Lords. Well, it might not be called fierce for now until it’s begun and our two warriors do their best. But, it’s a fight to the death!!!!”

“Yeahhhhhhhh!” Loud cheers came from the crowd immediately, indicating their thirst for violence.

Lord Xander’s eyes found Berlin’s and he could see the confident smile on his face.
For a second, he’d appeared double; It was only for a second tho as it quickly went back to normal. But, why had he become double? What was happening to his sight?

“Are you ready???!!” The coordinator yelled out, and the crowd answered with their usual response.

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“And now, let’s make welcome, to the Powerful warriors!!!

“First, the attacker – Prince Berlin of Melik Kingdom”.

Loud cheers came up as Prince Berlin stood up, confidently, his sheath in his hand.
He walked away from his seat and climbed down until he’d gotten to the middle of the arena where he stood some paces away from the coordinator.

“And now,to the defendant, The Almighty Lord Xander!!” The coordinator called and a louder cheers was heard from the multitude.
It was more like they’d all been waiting for him to be called upon.

But as Xander stood up from his seat, he could feel that strong wave of dizziness hitting hard at him again. If it wasn’t for how strong he was, he sure would’ve lost his stamina.

“My Lord?” Axel called from behind, looking worried. But, Xander said nothing to him as he climbed down to the middle of the arena.

“Almighty Xander indeed” Berlin jibed in his thoughts as he watched him walk down.
He couldn’t wait to humiliate him in the presence of everyone.


“How far till we get there, sire!” Kaylan asked the rider as she sat in the moving carriage with Jaden.

“Just some few minutes, dear. We’re almost there” the elderly man replied and Kaylan heaved a sigh.
She really couldn’t wait to get there already. She just couldn’t tell why she was feeling more scared.

There were just three passengers in the carriage – herself, Jaden and one other woman. Then, the rider at the front.

Jaden; Kaylan’s mind suddenly drifted to her. She’d been so cold and had her head placed on her shoulder.

“Hey, are you alright?” She touched her cheek and asked, but Jaden only nodded slowly.
Could it be hunger? Kaylan thought. Jaden’s never looked so weak before.

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She was about asking the rider something when Jaden’s head slipped from her shoulder, and Kaylan looked and noticed she had almost fallen out the carriage.

“Jaden!!” She shrieked in fright, noting she had passed out.
“Jaden!! Jaden!”.

“Hey; what’s going on??” The rider yelled from his seat, also being startled.
He screeched the carriage to a halt immediately and Kaylan quickly dragged Jaden out since there wasn’t enough space in the carriage.

“What’s happening to her?? Please, help me! Help me!!” She cried out as she laid the unconscious Jaden on the floor.
Her eyes were completely shut, her face going pale.
The rider and other woman had also rushed out as well.

“What’s going on?? I didn’t bargain on carrying a corpse!” The rider rasped.

“Please, help me!! I don’t know what’s wrong with her; Jaden!! Please….!” Kaylan cried fearfully and the woman drew close and knelt in front of her.

She forced her eyes open and observed the scelera.

“She’s been poisoned!” She finally said, making Kaylan flinch.
Poisoned?? How possible??

That is…. that is not possible; we both haven’t eaten for….”
Her words were suddenly cut off when she remembered one thing…. one vital thing. The drink from Lord Xander’s room!

She gasped and looked at Jaden immediately. That was the only thing Jaden had tasted; And that was the same thing Lord Xander had tasted as well.

No! No! It can’t be possible! The drink was poisoned!
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