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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 31

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky

Princess Nivea didn’t even realize she was sitting beside Lord Xander’s wife. Her mood was so ruined, it didn’t occur to her – not at all.

Almost immediately, her personal maid arrived, whispered something into her ears before standing behind her.

Kaylan, on the other hand, was also silent and kept wondering where Xander could’ve been. Where did he go to, leaving her all alone over there?

Well, why should she even care? She was sure nothing would’ve changed if he was there.

She just continued watching the activities and dance entertainment going on at the party and shortly, she heard the lady beside her sniffle.huh?

She turned quickly to have a look and notice she was wiping her face.

“Are you… crying?” She asked, surprised, and Nivea shook her head.

“I’m not” she shook her head ruefully without looking at her.

But Kaylan wasn’t convinced and knew she was lying.

“What’s the problem? I don’t think it’s right to cry on a day like this”.she persisted and Nivea decided to look at her.
And as soon as she did, her brows furrjews in front surprise.

“Hold on… Aren’t you Kaylan? Lord Xander’s wife?” She asked and Kaylan wondered how she knew her.

“Yes, I am” she nodded and the bemusement on Nivea’s face increased.

“Wow. I had no idea. Where’s Lord Xander?” She looked around, noting he should be there with her.
Her tears had literally dried up

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“I…. I don’t know. He was here with me, but all of a sudden, he just left” Kaylan replied and Nivea nodded and stared away


“You sound like you know Lord Xander… closely?” Kaylan asked and Nivea looked at her again.

“I do. My sister was his second wife”. She answered with a frail smile and Kaylan’s eyes dimmed

Oh… wow! That means, her sister was dead, right?

Nivea sniffed and took in a deep breath.

“Oh; i need a drink” she muttered tiredly and turned to her maid.

“Get me a drink, Amada”.

“Yes, my princess” the lady bowed and left immediately

“Um… you can have mine if you want. I’m not in a hurry to drink” Kaylan said and Nivea who was really thirsty, didn’t wait to consider it.

“Thank you” she muttered tiredly and took the warm drink, sipping from it.
It was just what she wanted and without hesitation, she took in more gulps.
“but are you sure you’re fine? You know … you were crying a while ago” Kaylan said and Nivea managed a smile.

“I’m fine dear. You shouldn’t worry about me. I’ll be fine” she answered weakly.

Nivea’s maid returned not long after and noticed her princess was already making use of Kaylan’s drink. So, she handed the new drink to Kaylan instead

She was about asking Nivea a question when suddenly, the party drums stopped beating and all eyes diverted to the center of the stage. It was obvious something else wanted to take place.

There was a very huge man standing there, so many beads and marks around him.

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“Welcome, Esteemed Kings, Queens, rulers, princesses and all invited guests of this heart warming festival” he began, spreading his arms apart
“We understand how busy you are and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices you’ve put in just to be present here

“As we all know, it’s a great day for the people of the Sambona as we’ve finally gotten an heir to the throne after waiting for so many years – so many years. The goddess of fertility decided to smile on us. The naming will be done soon enough, but for now, what’s a Royal festival without some sword entertainment, heh?”

There was a round of laughters.

“And definitely, this festival won’t be anywhere different. So, we’ll be calling on some skilled men to keep us entertained”.

He looked around and just then, two well built men stepped out with swords in their hands

“Urgh! I hate this” Nivea groused, looking away from the scene and Kaylan looked at her.

“But why? Watching a sword fight shouldn’t really be a big deal. As a matter of fact, I love it!” She laughed excitedly.

Nivea shurgged and drank from her cup and just then, the boys started fighting

Kaylan wanted to watch the fight, but something more interesting popped up.

“Um…. Princess Nivea”, she called, earning the princess’ attention

“Can I ask you a question, please?”

“Of course. What is it?” Nivea asked genially, giving her the go ahead
Kaylan was really hoping her question wouldn’t hurt her

“Your sister… the one that was married to Lord Xander, how did she die?”

Nivea’s hand shook immediately, although it was only for a second, but Kaylan was smart enough to notice it.

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She looked at her.
“Why asking?”

“Um… nothing really. It’s just that… I’ve been really curious for sometime now, wondering why Lord Xander’s two wives are dead. Although, there’s been some rumors about it, but I don’t even know which to believe anymore. So, if you could just tell me …” She purposely paused, noticing the bleak look on Nivea’s face

Nivea sighed pathetically and took some more gulps from her glass.

“About that ..” she exhaled deeply
“I only have one advise for you – don’t get pregnant for Xander”.

Cold waves rushed through Kaylan’s spine as soon as she said those words. Huh?? What’s she talking about??

Shock took over her and just when she tried asking a question, she got interrupted by Nivea who bursted into a cranky cough

“My princess! Are you alright?” The maid behind her asked as she touched her shoulder

But Nivea couldn’t say a word, only coughed more.

“Princess?” Kalyan coughed, surprised. . Why was she suddenly coughing?

“I think you should get her some water” she said to the maid who quickly left without hesitation.

Nivea placed her hand on her chest, still coughing profusely.

“Kaylan ..” she tried to call out and just then, blood spilled out from her mouth.
The scene was already drawing attention from the people around

“Nivea!” Kaylan called in shock as she hit the floor.
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