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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 32

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 32

By: Faith Lucky

“Nivea!!” Kaylan called in shock , not understanding why she was spitting out blood already. What was wrong with her??

All eyes had already turned to their direction as people found the scene alarming.

“Hey; what’s going on?”

The men fighting had also stopped and turned to have a look as the scene gripped everyone’s attention.

Her eyes were going close already

“What happened to her?? What’s going on??” A man suddenly yelled as he showed up and ran to Nivea on the floor.
That was her brother

Kaylan was dumb and couldn’t explain anything and without hesitation, her brother – prince Berlin – carried her up and ran away with her
Kaylan was troubled and without thinking twice, decided to follow them to where ever it is they were taking her.
The rest of the officials tried to calm the party down as Nivea was taken away, but of course, a topic of discussion was already going round and couldn’t exactly be stopped.

Nivea was taken to the royal Physician while Kaylan and the rest stood outside, awaiting results.

What the hell was wrong with her? Why was she just coughing all of a sudden? What could’ve happened?

Nivea’s maid was there as well, almost in tears as she wept for her princess.

“What the hell happened out there?” Prince Berlin rasped as he marched towards them, his eyes specifically on Nivea’s maid.

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“You were there with her. What happened?!”

“I… I don’t know, my prince” Amanda stuttered fearfully.
“We were just out there, watching the party. When all of a sudden, she started coughing. She wasn’t attacked or anything …”

The maid was so scared for her life as she’d known the Prince to be very short tempered and violent

Prince Berlin was boiling with anger. If anything were to happen to his sister….

He glanced at Kaylan, then turned away from them and continued marching tho and fro and after a while, the door opened with the Royal Physician stepping out. Without hesitation, they rnw to him.

“Hey; how’s she? What’s going on??” Berlin asked, his heart melting at the discouraging look on the Physician’s face.
Why was he looking that way with his gaze on the floor??

“Hey! Talk to me!” He shook his hand.

Kaylan was already panicking.

“She was poisoned” the Physician finally said and a wild gasp ran across the room

Berlin’s face had a scrawl.

“Poisoned?” He asked in a surprised tone and the physician nodded.

“It was a dangerous poison and I’m sorry, but she didn’t make it”. He added and Prince Berlin didn’t realize when his sword fell from his hand.

“No!!” Amanda covered her mouth with her Palm and shrieked.
No!! This isn’t true! It isn’t true!”

Kaylan gasped as well, her eyes dilated in shock. She could feel her head spinning.

No…. what’s he talking about??? What’s he talking about???
She was having a conversation with Nivea a while ago. So, what’s he talking about??

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“What do you…. what do you mean?’ Prince Berlin asked, probably too shocked to even yell.
“What do you mean she didn’t make it??”

“I’m sorry, my prince” the physician muttered sadly and instantly, Berlin gripped him by the neck.

“No!! You have no right to be sorry. You hear me?! You have no right to be sorry. So, go in there and get my sister!!” He yelled, almost strangling the old man until Nivea’s husband – Prince Noah – intervened and pulled him apart


He brought out his sword and marched to the maid.

“YOU are her personal maid! You’ve been with her the whole time!! Tell me what I need to know!! What happened to my sister?!” His eyes were bloodsh!t red, not minding the fact that the maid was already in tears.

“I swear; please, I don’t know anything about This… I don’t know anything about any poison….” She wept and shook fearfully.

“Then, I’ll have four head for it because it was your duty to protect her!! It was your duty!!” Berlin roared, pointing the knife to her neck

“Please! All I know is the fact that she’d taken a drink! A….A drink at the party, please!” Amanda cried out

“What drink?! What’re you talking about??”

“It was from… the princess… Princess Kaylan!!”

There was a stunned silence as Kaylan who was already shocked, looked at them in surprise.
Hold on… the drink???

Berlin’s eyes drooped instantly as he turned and looked at Kaylan

“You poisoned my wife?” Prince Noah asked in disbelief, making Kaylan go blatantly shocked

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Hold on….

“What’re you…. What’re you talking about? I didn’t poison her! I….”

“So, how did she get a drink from you??!”

“She was sitting next to me!” Kaylan yelled back, going through a lot of trauma already.
“She asked for a drink and while her maid rushed to get it for her, she decided take mine”.

“Really?” Prince Noah scoffed.
“My sister doesn’t just take drinks from random strangers. So, look for a better lie!”

“I’m not lying….

“Shut up!!” Prince Berlin yelled and landed a resounding slap on her cheek which he brought her to the floor .

“You b!tch! Guards!!!”

Two guards stepped forward immediately.

“Take her away and lock her up!!”

“Yes, My Prince” the guards bowed and without hesitation, lifted Kaylan from the floor and left with her.
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
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