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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 51


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 51

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan could feel her heart in her throat as soon as the words escaped his lips.

Her heart stopped beating instantly, confusion and anxiety taking over. What did… What did he just say?

“M…My Lord?” She stuttered, her eyes glued to his face.
“I don’t… I don’t think I understand”.

Xander said nothing, but only picked up some vegetables with his spoon.

Kaylan was gobsmacked. Was this guy for real?

Slowly, she turned and glanced at the door, a crazy idea popping in. Goodness! There was no way she could run away. His guards by the door would definitely seize her as soon as she steps a foot.

“You should start eating, Princess” his cold voice suddenly broke into her thoughts, snapping her out and she looked up at him.

“Um….Of course, I’ll eat. But the aspect of spending the night here, I hope that is different” she feigned a smile and began eating, while Xander said nothing.
The rest of the time at the dining was completely quiet as neither Kaylan nor Xander said a word.

Well, Lord Xander was usually the quiet type. So, it wasn’t a new thing. But Kaylan, she couldn’t say a word because she was in delima.

Lord Xander wasn’t a man to just play around with words… He couldn’t be joking about what he said. But then again, Kaylan didn’t want to believe he was actually serious. Why would he want her to spend the night in his bed? Simply because of that joke she’d said the previous day?? Seriously??

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They were still eating when suddenly, his guard walked in.

“Greetings, My Lord” he bowed.
“Sorry to disturb, but King Ephraim is here to see you. He’s in the throne room”.

King Ephraim – Xander thought. That was sharon’s father. What was he doing there – unannounced?

“I’ll be there shortly” He replied and Axel bowed and left immediately.

Thank goodness – Kaylan heaved a sigh.

Not long after, Xander stood up with his meal untouched and that was like the best moment for Kaylan as she felt happy she’d be able to return to her room.

“You’re not permitted to leave this room for today, Princess” Xander suddenly said, making her eyes go open in shock.

She stood up as well.

“I don’t… I don’t think I understand. Am I being arrested?” She asked, wearing a crumpled look.

“If you were being arrested, you’ll be in a cell by now”, Xander answered coldly, walking to his closet to get a jacket.
“You must’ve thought I was joking when I told you you’ll be spending the night here”.

For the Creator’s sake! Was he really serious??

For a minute, she was gobsmacked, even as he took his jacket and wore it on. But when he began walking towards her for the door, she found something to say.

“It’s fine” she sighed. “But I…. I’ll need to go to my room,at least. You know, I need a bath, need to change my clothes. I can’t do all of that here”.

Xander had stopped walking to listen at her, and he let out a scoff when she was done.

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“Tell the guards to get you whatever clothes you need. You should have your bath here” he answered and finally walked out the door.

“Oh, no!” Kaylan muttered, turning to the direction of the door with her hands on her chest.


Lord Xander marched out of his room and met Axel and two other guards at the door.

“Make sure the Princess doesn’t leave this room” he said to the other two and started walking away, while Axel followed up behind him immediately.

The guards and maid servants they came across kept bowing to him as they walked by, but didn’t even get a wave in return. Well, they were used to it.

Finally, they arrived at the throne room and there they met King Ephraim already waiting, with his hands behind his back.

He’d have been sitting but, there were no seat for visitors in the throne room.

“Lord Xander” King Ephraim turned and called when he noticed his presence in the room.

Xander said nothing until he’d finally gotten to his position at the throne.

“Greetings, King Ephraim” his tone was rapt.
“To what do I owe this unannounced visit? You should’ve told me beforehand so I can set a proper table for us”.

“Oh, it’s nothing to worry about, Xander. I actually came around to see a close brother and decided to dash in to see you. How has it been with the community?” King Ephraim replied, taking a step closer.

“It has been great. And I trust you’re doing fine as well”. Xander asked.

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“Ah! Of course”.

A brief silence stepped in.

“I heard you’re having a fight with Prince Berlin, come dawn tomorrow” King Ephraim asked.
“Some humans, simply don’t know their match”.

All Xander did was scoff. He wasn’t the type to discuss things and people with others. He wouldn’t call it gossip anyway”.

When King Ephraim noticed Xander didn’t have any interest in talking about the fight, he decided to move on.

“I’d have sent one of my messengers to bring this to you” ,he began, bringing out the letter he had in his hand.
“But since I came around, I decided it was best to just bring it over myself’.

He walked closer to the throne and handed the letter over to Xander.

“I hope you can take out time to read this. It has to do with My daughter”. He proffered the letter out to him, Lord Xander collected reluctantly.

“Have a nice day, Xander” he ended with a smile.

“And you too” Xander replied perfunctorily and watched the King leave.
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