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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 52


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 52

By: Faith Lucky

Xander returned to the room with the scroll in his hand and met Kaylan pacing tho and fro.

She’d been so restless and was walking about in the room when she noticed him walk in and she became still immediately. Was he there to release her?

Xander could notice how tensed she was but decided not to pay attention it. He walked past her to his closet, dropped the scroll and took out his belt.

Kaylan watched keenly, hoping he says something. But it was obvious he didn’t have such plans as he took what he wanted and started walking towards the door.

“My…. My Lord”: she called as she took a step closer and Xander stopped walking to look at her.
For a few seconds, she was out of words as those pretty eyes stared at hers.

“Can I….Am I free to go now?” She asked with a hard gulp.

Xander stared at her for a while before giving out a reply.
“I never said so” he muttered and walked away.

For real???

Kaylan covered her face with her palms as she could clearly feel frustration building up in her. What has she done to deserve this? Why would she be kept a prisoner when she was done nothing wrong?? Absolutely nothing?

She angrily walked to the window and rested get head. The Kaylan of old would’ve found a tricky way to leave the room by now; but recalling all she’d been through in the hands of Xander, it restricted her. Heck; she didn’t want to get on his bad side again and stand another chance of being whipped. But what could she possibly do to get out of here?? this was lockup!
“Please, you have to let me in” Jaden grouse as she stood in front of the guards.”I’ve been pleading here for a very long time now. What else should I do? I only want to see the Princess and be sure she’s safe”

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“The princess is fine. You can’t go into the Master’s room without being called upon. So, leave before you get yourself into trouble”. The first guard warned sternly.

“Fine; I’ll leave. But can I just see her face, at least? Or if you wouldn’t let me in, call her out….”

“We have orders not to let her out of the room” he snapped in and Jaden bit her nail.
God! She was so worried about Kaylan. Why would Lord Xander restrict her from leaving the room?

“Okay, fine. But, can I just…”.

“Leave..! Now!!” The second one yelled, making Jaden flinch a bit.

“You don’t have to be so hard on yourself; I’ll leave. But trust me if anything happens to her, you’ll have me to deal with”. She pointed her index finger at them.
The guards stared at her in surprise, wondering where she’d be getting the power from to challenge them.

But Jaden didn’t care as she just turned around and walked away.


Kaylan was sitting on the bed, her hands on her cheeks. She felt so lonely and bored and needed someone to talk to. But what could she do when she was locked up in the So called Master’s room?

Now, she’s learnt a lesson – a lesson never to implicate herself no matter the condition. If only she could get Xander to change his mind….

Shortly, the door opened and she lifted her head to see him walking in.

She sprang on her feet immediately, her heart giving a leap. He had tiny sweats on his forehead which indicated he’d been training at the field.

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Kaylan lowered her gaze to the floor, seriously hoping he’d say something positive. Her heart was filed with suspense as Xander walked over to his closet to return his belt. He took off his head band and threw it right in as well.

“You can leave” he suddenly said, snapping Kaylan’s eyes open as she lifted her head quickly to look at him.
What??? Did she just…. did she just hear him correctly??? She can leave??

For real????

Her eyes were beaming.

“My… My Lord….”

“But next time, when you know you’ not ready to do something, you don’t bring it up”. He stated calmly and walked away, headed for the bathroom.

“Oh, goodness!” Kaylan covered her face with her palms.
She was free at last; after being so scared.

Without hesitation, she hurried towards the door and left the room.

Next Morning

It was all heated up – the sword fight between Lord Xander and Prince Berlin.
In less than two hours, it was to commence.

Lord Xander stood in front of the window with the sword in his hand, just staring at it.

He felt cold; couldn’t tell why. He just felt cold.

His gaze didn’t leave his sword. Until shortly, Hilda walked in with his meal…
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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