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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 12

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 12

(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

“Where’s your bet?” The fat man asked immediately and that was when it dawned on Kaylan that she was actually coinless.
Oh,damn? Why didn’t she think about this???

She looked at Jaden who was staring at her with an *I told you* look.
Then, she turned back to the man

“Um…. Let’s just go on with the game first. I’m sure I’ll win” she said and the man looked at her like she had actually gone mad.

“So, you want me to stake my money while you stake nothing? Are you stupid?” He chuckled.

“Hey, you have to trust me, okay? I’ll…”

“And what if you lose?” One of the watchers asked and she gave a thought to it.
Can she actually lose?

“Well, if I lose, feel free to beat me up” she shrugged.

Then, the fat man smirked and leaned closer

“If I lose, you’ll spend the night with me?” He leered at her, smiling in a way that his ugly detentions were revealed and Kaylan almost felt like punching his face.

“Yes, yes. I agree” she answered eagerly and glanced at Jaden.
In her mind, she’d already planned on escaping if at all he wins. But she was so definite she was going to win anyway.

The man – being contended with the agreement – brought out the coins and placed it on the aside of the table.
Afterall, she was only but a girl and he was so sure he was going to win.

“Let the game begin” he smirked and took the first move.
Everyone watched with keen interest, mainly concentrating on the moves the man was taking because they were so sure he was going to win.

But everything was happening the other way round as Kaylan tactically trapped most of his members until finally, she checkmated his King.

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“Whaaat??? He’s trapped!” One of the watchers exclaimed, finding it amusing.

The fat man was already having a scrawl on his face and in a short while, the game came to an end with Kaylan being the winner.

“Woohoo!!” Jaden clapped excitedly and helped her gather the coins up.
The people around were stunned as they couldn’t understand how a strange lady was able to defeat someone like Pablo.

“I want a second round” Pablo gritted and poured more coins on the table.
It was obvious he was angry and felt disgraced.

“With all pleasure” Kaylan smild and also dropped her own share of the coins.
Then, the game began.
It was really tough, but in the end, Kaylan won again.

“That’s my girl?!” Jaden exclaimed happily and helped her with the coins.

The anger on Pablo’s face was already too broad and he looked really dangerous.

“Another round”‘ he growled and so it went until Kaylan won him for the 4th time.
“Sorry sir, but I think I’m tired of winning you. I need to go now” she grinned and stood up, feeling so achieved.

Pablo was already in sweats because she had just won everything from him – every single money he made for the day.

“You’re not going anywhere” he stood up and gripped Kaylan by the arm and immediately, she punched him hard on the nose and ran out of the tanvern with Jaden.

“Oh my God! That was so crazy, Kaylan! That was a huge risk! What the hell did you just do??” Jaden asked as they stood far from the tanvern and laughed heartily.

“I told you, Jaden. I’m the Queen of Chess. Anyway, how much coins do we have there?” She asked and Kaylan opened her clothes so they could check it.

“Ahh. It’s so many. We can’t even count them here. You did really great, Kaylan” Jaden said excitedly, making Kaylan blush.

“Yeah, you know, this is actually going to be a good business. Anyway, come on, let’s get you some clothes with the money”

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“Whaaat?? Are you serious?? Oh!! You’re such a darling, Kay!”
She hugged her as they walked away.


They didn’t just get clothes, but they had gotten some fruits, sweets and cakes as well and by the time they were done, everything was contained in a big bag which Jaden held.

“Urgh! This is so heavy, Kay!” Jaden grumbled, but Kaylan ignored her.

They walked excitedly to the Mansion, earning a free passage from the guards at the gate who gave them a surprised stare, tho. Probably surprised at the big bag they had with them.

“Come on Kaylan, just give me a helping hand please!” Jaden grouse from behind

“Just hold on, Jaden. We’re already there…”

They headed towards the room but on their way, they spotted Xander.

“Hah! Jaden, do you see him?” Kaylan gasped and pointed to Xander who was walking at a distance with some guard’s behind him.

“That man is so unbelievabe! He doesn’t even act like he’s married”.

“And do you act like you’re married?” Jaden scoffed, earning a glare from her.

But thinking of it, he didn’t even call her for consummation like she had expected. Well, thank Goodness he was making use of his senses.

“Where do you think he’s going?” Shr asked, still staring at the direction he has taken.
He was already out of sight.

“Maybe… he’s going to train? Or… who knows if he’s seeing another woman? Or…”

“God! You’re unbelievable, Kaylan. Can we Just get going??” Jaden rolled her eyes, but Jaden didn’t move.

“Hold on, I think I have an idea. Why don’t we follow him and know where he’s headed?” Shs asked with her silly smile.

“Whaat?? There’s no need for…”

“Fine! You can go ahead, then. I’ll catch up with you later” she rolled her eyes and started walking away.

“Goodness! Kaylan!” Jaden called and hurried after her.
Kaylan just wanted to see Xander – know what he was doing or anything at all.
But she really couldn’t believe this man was her husband yet, they barely see or knew each other.

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They took the corner he had taken and spotted him going into a room which had some guards stationed at the door.

“And I guess this is the end of the road for both of us” Jaden sighed as they hid behind a wall.

Kaylan watched carefully, trying to see if there was a way she could get in without being seen. Then, an idea popped into her head.

“Come on!” She whispered to Jaden and ran to the other building so she could turn around. Jaden had to follow sheepishly.
“Are you really going to climb that?? What if he sees you??” Jaden asked worriedly as they stood behind the room.
Kaylan had made a nasty decision of climbing up the walls to peep through the window.

“I’m only going to have a look, don’t worry about me” she answered stubbornly and started climbing the walls.

Jaden was so worried and stood right beneath her – just incase she would want to fall.

Kaylan beamed as she crawled up the wall successfully and finally got to the window. Bit by bit, she lifted her head towards it and peeped into the room and there she found some people in the room

First, she saw a guard, then Xander who was standing in front of a man on his knees.

“Please My Lord! Have mercy! I’m deeply Sorry, please!” The man on his knees pleaded, placing his palms together.

Huh? What’s going on? Kaylan thought.

“You should’ve thought of the consequences before betraying me” Xander answered coldly and pulled out a sword
And without a glint of emotion in his eyes, Kaylan watched him slice the man through.

A thud.

A pause.

There was a pause in her heartbeat as she watched the scene and with dilated eyes, she didn’t realize when a scream escaped her lips.
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋


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