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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 19

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 19

Princess Sharon had a huge smile on her face as she stood at the balcony and awaited the young boy to get to where she was.

Her maid was standing behind her, and soon enough, the boy was standing in front of her.

“Good morning, princess” he greeted with a bow.

His elegance gave Sharon some hope .

“Good morning” she smiled warmly at him, her eyes searching his hands.
Urgh! She needed to see it.

“How did it go?” She asked impatiently and finally, he gave her what she wanted.

He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the gold bracelet and Sharon’s eyes beamed.

“You did it” she chuckled and collected it from him.
Wow. It was so beautiful. Poor Kaylan.

She turned to her maid with her palm stretched out and quickly, she placed the bundle on it and Sharon handed it over to the boy.

“That’s your complete payment” she said. “When the full job is done, you’ll get a bonus. Is the woman ready?”

“Yes. Everything is set”. He answered.

“Good. Then, we leave before evening. Make sure there are no mistakes” she handed the bracelet to him.

“I don’t make mistakes” he told her, bowed and left.

Sharon’s smile increased as she watched him leave.

Oh..Poor Kaylan. She had no idea it all a trap, right?

She knows Lord Xander very well and knows how he can get when offended by someone.

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Really, she couldn’t wait to watch Kaylan get punished by him.
Bit by bit, her plans were falling into place.

As soon as she was done with this phase, her next phase would be getting closer to Xander


“Seriously Kaylan, what’re you going to do?” Jaden asked worriedly as she stood in front of Kaylan in the room.

Kaylan was sitting at the edge of the bed, her both palms on her cheeks.

“I can’t believe we gambled Lord Xander’s bracelet away! What if he finds out??”

Kaylan said nothing. Her quietness was quite alarming.

“But how did it end up in our bag in the first place?” Jaden continued with the grumblings.

“Oh! Kaylan, what do we do?? Say something!”

“What do you want me to say, Jaden?” She released her cheeks from her hands and asked tiredly.

“I… I also don’t know. I’m tired”.

“You can’t be tired. We need to come up with a plan” she pouted and sat next to her on the bed.

Do you think we should just go ahead and report ourselves to Xander?”

“Whaaat???” Kaylan looked at her in shock
“Are you being serious?? You expect me to go to that scary man and tell him I gambled away his golden bracelet?? If I can remember, that was one of his numerous awards”.

She paused and sighed.

“Maybe we should just let it go. Maybe…if we don’t tell him, he won’t know, right? He wouldn’t know it was ever in my possession and I gambled it away. You know, that gold is quite expensive and I believe that big head boy must be looking for a way to make good money out of it. He doesn’t even know who I am. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know the bracelet belongs to Xander. So.. hopefully, Xander would never hear of it”. She said calculatively.

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