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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 20


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 20

“But are you sure about this?” Jaden asked.

“I don’t know, Jaden. You don’t expect me to just go to Xander and tell him I found his bracelet in my bag and had the guts to gamble with it. That man is too scary and I’m pretty sure he’d want to punish me for it. I can’t go to hon” she grouse and stood up.

“I’m hungry. Need to eat something” she muttered and walked away.

“Hey… Wait for me…!”




The room was quiet a usual and the hefty sound of his boots could be heard as he marched in.

Lord Xander. He was feeling a little in the mood, but that wasn’t what he needed at the moment as he had a lot of scripts to write – a lot of important messages to send.

He took off his heavy armour and next, went to his table and taking a napkin, he began cleaning the bloodstains off his sword.

He cleaned it slowly, never being a man to act in a hurry and as he did, his eyes slowly found the board in front of him.

His gold bracelet; he’d nearly forgotten about it. Where was it?? It couldn’t just go missing from his room.

“Axel” he turned his face towards the direction of the door and called and in a split second, his personal guard came running in.

“My Lord!” He bowed, his shoulders so broad, they’ve always fitted the gesture.

Xander’s hand stopped moving on the sword as he turned back to look at the board.

“I need you to assemble every maid that’s been in charge of cleaning this room for the last three days. And every guard that’s stepped in here as well. One of them stole my bracelet”. He stated with a deceptive calmness and Axel creased a brow in surprise.

What?? How would dare steal from Lord Xander?? And not just anything, but one of his precious awards??

“As you wish, my Lord” he bowed his head and marched out of the room.

He’d noticed Xander cleaning his sword and would’ve offered to send a maid in to do it for him, but he knows Xander, he’s always prefered cleaning his swords himself – especially when it had blood on it.
Few minutes later, Xander was done with the sword and was about going to his scripts when the door opened and one of his errand guards walked in.

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“My Lord” he bowed.
“Your presence is urgently requested in the court room”.

Xander spared him a stare.

“What is it?” He asked.

“It’s a woman, My Lord. A woman and her son. They said they have something important to show you”.

Xander turned around and backed him. A part of him wanted him to dismiss them, but having a second thought, he decided to check it out.

“It has better been important” he grumbled and walked out of the room, while the guard followed him behind.


“I don’t know why Kaylan, I just feel worried” Jaden muttered, her gaze on the ceiling.

She was lying beside Kaylan on the bed, both of them staring at the ceiling.

“I have a feeling Lord Xander might get to know about the bracelet”.

“So, what do you want me to do, Jaden?” Kaylan grouse. “You’re just making me more scared”.

There was a pause.

“Hold on… But on a more serious note, how did that bracelet end up in our bag?” Jaden sat up and asked.

“Since it’s very precious to Lord Xander, it shouldn’t that easy to leave his room, right? And coincidentally, it actually ended up in our bag.

“And then… the boy at the tanvern felt so sure you had some gold with you. Remember he was actually the one that had insisted you check your bag, and when you did, you coincidentally found the bracelet. And for the first time ever, you lost a game. Meaning, the guy was quite good at it”.

Kaylan also sat up and turned to look her in the face.

“Wh… What’re you trying to say, Jaden?” She asked, but just then, a knock came on the door.

Her eyes dimmed as she didn’t reply and to her surprise, the door went open with two guards walking in.

“Princess Kaylan, you need to come with us right away. Lord Xander requests your presence in the courtroom” one of them said and Kaylan felt her heart skip so heavily.
Whaaat?? Lord Xander wants her in the courtroom??
She looked at Jaden, then at the guards.

“Why?” Her words unconsciously came out in a whisper.

“We don’t know, Princess. But we need to leave now” the first one replied.

“Oh Kaylan..!” Jaden squeaked. “I sense trouble”.

“Come on, princess. He’s waiting” came the guard’s impatient reply and Kaylan’s heart only grew heavier.

She looked at Jaden, then at the guards. And having no option, she left the bed.

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“O.. Okay” she mumbled and followed them out of the room.

Of course, Jaden followed them, but she couldn’t go close to Kaylan and only had to trail from them. She felt so worried for her friend. What could the problem? What if Xander had gotten to know about the bracelet?? What if… What if…

Oh! She felt so worried.

Kaylan, on the other hand, was more worried than her friend. As they drew closer to the courtroom, she couldn’t help but worry and ponder why Xander would want her there. That was the first.

She turned and noticed Jaden following them behind and her lips pushed into a pout.

Finally, they got to the entrance of the courtroom and walked in and there she found Xander on his throne-like seat, three guards around him and a woman and a boy standing in front of him.

Hold on… The boy.

“Ha” she gasped and her eyes widened in shock. That was her opponent! The same boy that had won the bracelet from her! What the hell is he doing there??

Her eyes moved to Xander who as usual, had that usual blank look on. What was going on???

She continued staring keenly at everyone of them until she’d gotten to the same lane the woman and the boy were standing which was right in front of Xander.

“Good evening” she bowed her head in obeisance, her heart feeling so heavy.

Something was wrong; she could feel it. Something was just not right.

It was almost a minute before Xander’s voice was heard:

“You can proceed” he said, looking at the boy and woman.
And to Kaylan’s greatest surprise, she brought out the gold bracelet.

Holy Selena….

“I am just a peasant farmer, My Lord” The woman bowed.
“And I know I’ve got nothing, but that shouldn’t make me a thief.

“Normally, this bracelet here should be able to change my entire life and that of my family, but I can’t just sit back and make money from soemthing that doesn’t belong to me.

“My son here, is a gambler. And earlier this morning, he said he’d won this from a princess – Princess Kaylan”

Kaylan’s jaws dropped open in shock. He knew she was a princess???

“And I… I knew the princess was recently married to you which explains why she had access to it. She gambled with it, My Lord. And my son here emerged tbe winner and returned home with it. Normally, I should be happy, but most people in the community knows how valuable your gold awards means to youz and that’s the reason I’m here to make sure it’s really from you, My Lord. And…and you’re very much aware that the Princess gambled with it. I just don’t want any in the future, My Lord” she bowed in conclusion.

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Kaylan could hardly feel her heart beating any further. Her breath had seized. What was going on??? What was going on???

Slowly, Xander took his eyes to her.

“Is this true?” His voice was so calm – and cold.

Kaylan’s eyes were almost glistening as she looked at the boy.

“I… I had no idea the bracelet was in my bag. I don’t know how…”

“Did you gamble with it…or not?” Xander cut her off, calmly as usual.

Her breath hitched, and the tears were almost so visible in her eyes. She’s never been so scared in her entire life

“I… I always go there to gamble with coins – for fun. I had no idea the bracelet was in my bag. I…”

“Kaylan, did you gamble with it or not?” He cut her off again and she sniffed.

“I did. I did. But… I didn’t know he’d win. I had planned on winning and returning home with it. I didn’t know how it…”
The rest of the words vanished from her lips as soon as Xander stood up.

He had his hands crossed behind his back and had his gaze strictly fixed on Kaylan.

He could remember… The day before the bracelet went missing, he’d seen Kaylan in his room, touching and admiring it.

He took a leveled step away from his seat.

“You took my bracelet from my room and gambled with it?” He asked, his voice sounding not – so – calm anymore.

“I didn’t..” Kaylan’s voice cracked. “I… I didn’t take it from your room”.

“You found it in your bag and still gambled with it?” He asked and to that, she couldn’t give a reply.

Then, with his gaze lowered to the floor, he started walking towards her.

“Twice, you’ve offended me; and twice, I’ve forgiven you. I warned you not to make a third”. He got to where she was and stood in front of her.

“Don’t think you’re going free this time around” he added icily, making Kaylan so damn scared and nervous.

“I’m sorry…” She winced. “I can explain…”

“Axel!” Xander called on his personal guard.

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