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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 13


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 13

By: Faith Lucky

Xander turned immediately, hearing the scream and his eyes glinted when he saw Kaylan.

She crawled down from the window immediately, falling to the floor and almost hurting her leg due to the speed she used.

“Kaylan!” Jaden shrieked
She had been surprised at the way she screamed.

Immediately, Kaylan ran to the nearest bush and threw up.

“Kaylan?!” Jaden called in Surprise.
What the hell is wrong with her??

Her hand was on her chest as she emptied everything in her mouth and by the time she stood up straight, she was panting heavily.

“Oh my God…Oh my God…” She gibbered, Jaden holding her so she doesn’t fall.

“Hey! Kaylan, talk to me. What’s wrong?”

“We need to go. We…We need to…” .she held Jaden’s hand and they ran off immediately.

In the room,
Kaylan sat on the bed while Jaden handed her the glass of water.

“Thank you” she muttered and gulped it down.
She was looking so pale like a ghost.

“Goodness, Kaylan! I warned you not to go up there. Now, take a look at yourself – you’re looking like an expired ghost” Jaden said as she took a seat in front of her.

“So…he really killed the man?” She asked and Kaylan nodded.

“God! But that Xander is so heartless. What could’ve been his offense to warrant him being killed, huh?” Jaden mumbled.

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“I really need to get out of here” Kaylan finally said. “I just… I just need to find a way – anyway at all”.

“Stop it, Kaylan. You’re married to him and you can’t just leave. You guys don’t have any issues either. So, it’s going to be an offense that could get you killed if you leave”. Jaden tried discouraging the idea and Kaylan gave a thought to it.

Indeed, it was true. Unless the couples were having an issue, the wife wasn’t expected to just run away – especially if she’s Married to a ruler.

“But I really can’t stay here with this guy, Jaden. I… I can’t afford seeing him as my husband. Like…he’s a killer – a ruthless one. What kind of marriage life do you expect me to have?”
She sighed and stood up.

“I just wish I can go far from here and be free from him, Jaden – be free from everyone. This isn’t the life I dreamed of”.


“She gambles??” Mansi asked in Surprise as she sat on the bed with Sharon, while her maid stood in front of them, telling them the news.

“Yes Ma’am. My betrothed was there in the tanvern when she came in with her friend and set a bet. She wasn’t even having any money to gamble with,so she set a bet with her body”.

“Whaat??” Sharon shirked after listening to her maid. “She did that??”

“Yes, My Princess. They’d agreed…if she fails the game, then man would take her home with him. Although…she won”. The maid replied.

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“That girl is unbelievabe!” Sharon flinched. “How can she do something so outrageous! Like…she was willing to sleep with a man? Goodness!!”

Mansi didn’t say a word.

“I knew it!” Sharon continued. “I’ve heard stories of how unruly and care-free she was as a princess and I heard that was actually the reason her father had married her offi to your brother – because she was a burden to him and he wanted to be free from her. Oh,Mansi! This is really a bad idea. That lady doesn’t deserve to be here”

“It’s quite unfortunate, Sharon” Mansi sighed and stood up. “But there’s nothing I can do about it”.
And she walked away, going into the bathroom.

“Annoying thing” Sharon thought angrily. She never contributes to anything that concerns her.

Either ways, she’s still going to get what she wants.

And for the first step, what could she possibly do that would get Xander so angry and make him punish Kaylan?

Kaylan and Jaden were both in the room, trying to eat when a knock came on the door.

“Who’s it?” Kaylan rolled her eyes and asked.
She wondered why everyone kept knocking on her door.

Then, the door opened and a guard walked in – Axel. somehow, Kaylan felt nervous and had a feeling he was there because…

“Sorry to disturb you, princess, but you need to come with me. Lord Xander wants you in his chambers”. He announced.

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