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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 14


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 14

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan had almost gotten choked with the meal she was eating as soon as the words got to her.

She quickly gulped down some water before looking at the guard. Even Jaden was looking panicked.

“He…He wants me in his room?” She stuttered, her eyes going wide in shock. “Why?”

“Um… I don’t really know, princess. I suggest you just come with me”. He replied.

Kaylan glanced at Jaden, but Jaden wasn’t giving any encouraging look to her.

“Tell him I’m busy” she said. “or… I’m sleeping. Or you could tell him I’m not around”.

“That isn’t an option, princess. Lord Xander is never the type accept excuses. So, I’d suggest we just save each other’s time, and you come with me right away” he said.
Kaylan was looking really worried. Why was he calling for her huh? Could it be possible he wanted to punish her for what happened a while ago? Was it really a big offence to climb up the window.

“Princess Kaylan…” The guard called again and she stood up.

“Kaylan…” Jaden mumbled and stood up as well.
It was obvious she was worried about her

“Come on, let’s go” the guard said and they all left the room together.

But getting close to his chambers, Jaden was asked to stop following them and just hang around, and she did.
Then, Kaylan and the guard continued.
Few more minutes and they were standing in front of his chambers.

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“You should go in” Aiken said, but Kaylan hesitated.
Oh God! She was really going to be alone with him?

Normally, she shouldn’t be so scared of him. But recalling what she’d seen a while ago – how he splitted another man’s throat without any contrition or remorse, geez! It scared the hell out of her.

Finally, she took in a deep breath and walked in.

Just like the first time,the room was quiet and looked neatly arranged and beautiful. Tbe entire place sparked, smelled of wealth and royalty – except for the sword which was lying on the table.

She looked around and discovered Xander wasn’t in the room. Again? Where could he be?

Then, she took little steps deeper – into the room

Her eyes were shining around, trying to see if she could get a glimpse. Or maybe he’s in the bathroom?

She exhaled deeply and stopped walking so she doesn’t have to get into trouble but suddenly, her eyes caught with some of his gold items on the wall.

Hmm. How come he had so many golds, huh? Did he perhaps, win some of them in battles?

Well…Maybe, he did because Jaden had told her Xander had a lot of awards from battles WrestleMania.

There was a particular one that looked so catchy and glittered more than the others. It looked like a wristband and had the letter X on it. Probably, for Xander.

Thank goodness she didn’t touch it because Xander walked into the room almost immediately.


She stepped away and bent her head immediately. Where’s he coming from?

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Xander paused for half a second when he found her in room, but he continued walking immediately, going over to his shelves.

As he walked past her to the shelves, Kaylan thought if she were to greet him. But what would she say? Was she to address him as “Lord Xander” or “My beloved husband” or “My personal lord”.

Urgh!?! Trash!!

“Why were you sneaking up on me? ” His cold voice finally came, snapping Kaylan out of her playful thoughts.

She pouted her lips and tried not to look at him.

“I wasn’t sneaking up on you” she said. “I only climbed up the window”.

Xander didn’t say a word until he had gotten what he wanted from the shelf, then he turned to look at her.

Coincidentally, Kaylan was also trying to take a peep at him and their eyes ran into each other’s.
Goodness! She couldn’t stand the sight. Why was he looking so handsome?
Handsome devil. Hmph.

“I don’t entertain such behaviors, Kathryn” he stated gruffly.
“This is the second time you’re commiting an offense. If a third one happens, I promise I won’t spare you”.


“Kathryn?” Kaylan mumbled. “My name isn’t Kathryn. It’s Kaylan”

Xander arched a brow when he realized he’d made a mistake.

Goodness! He was forgetting her name??

“You can leave”. He told her and turned around, and Kaylan heaved in relief and left.
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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