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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 15

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 15

By: Faith Lucky

The next morning.

Kaylan sat in front of the mirror as Jaden helped her pack her hair.

“But Kaylan, are you sure about this? I hope we don’t get caught?” Jaden asked as she passed the band through her hair, giving it a perfect style.

“Of course, not Jaden. And even if we do get caught, what we’re doing isn’t wrong. So, I don’t grg why we should be punished. We’re just going out to catch some fun” Kaylan rolled her eyes and stood up since Jaden was done with the hair.

“Hold on, I think we’ll be needing a bag for today” She rushed to her closet and pulled out one of her favorite bags.

“Here – you should hold it” she gave it to Jaden who collected it and hung it around her neck.

And off – they left the room
They walked into the tanvern and was a bit surprised of how full it was – compared to the previous day. Oh! Maybe more people decided to drink this morning since it was cold.

It was noisy as usual and this time around, the chess game was taking place on 2 different tables.

“Which table should I go to?” Kaylan turned to Jaden and ask.

“Um… I don’t know. Maybe, the other table. It seems the best there are higher”. Jaden shurgged and after a little thought, Kaylan decided to give the second table a try.

She walked towards it and tbe men stopped playing to look at her.

“A lady?” One of the players chuckled.

“Hold on; it’s the same lady from yesterday! The one I’d told you about Marco!” One of them said and jolted another.

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“Oh! Really?? She’s the one! I heard so much about you, lady, and feel really terrible we didn’t get to meet. Come one, are you ready for today’s game?” One of the men said croakily.

If it had been someone that was shy, obviously, such a person would’ve chickened out already. But for someone like Kaylan….

“Of course” she smiled as she went close.
“That’s exactly why I am here”.
The men mumbled amongst themselves, speaking of her outrageous bravery. This was the first time ever they’ve seen a woman challenging a man to a chess game. It’s never been heard of!!

One of the men stood up from the table so she’d have some space and Kaylan gladly took the seat, now facing her opponent.

“Where’s your bet?” The opponent asked in a grumpy voice, his breath almost unbearable for Kaylan.

She clicked her fingers towards Jaden who brought out some coins from the bag and placed it on the table.

“Hmph. You came prepared today” someone said from the floor watchers.

“Of course, she did! She took all of Pablo’s money yesterday” someone said and another round of mumblings took place.
Oh boy! Kaylan tried her best not to be affected it.

Her opponent also placed his own bet on the table and the game began.
It was a tough and really fun one and took quite sometime. All the people watched keenly, wondering how she was going to beat Marco as well.

Pablo was an experienced Chess player, but Marco was more experienced and they were all sure he’d be the one to fix the girl in her place.

But when the game came to an end in a few minutes, Kaylan was the winner


“Not again!!”

“She won…!”

So many grumpy voices filled the room as they all marveled at her amazing skills.

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Kaylan’s cheeks were greatly flushed as she packed up the coins with the assistance of Jaden and put it into the bag.

“Who’s next?” She asked excitedly with a wide smile and the man in front of her angrily brought out more coins, setting it on the table.

Oh-oh. The same mistake Pablo made yesterday – Kaylan thought.
Anyway, it was to her own benefit.

She took out the required coins and placed on the table as well and another round began.

It went on and on and in the end, she emerged winner.

“This lady is a witch!” Someone suddenly said and Kaylan glared hard at him.

“Your grandmother’s the one who’s a witch!* She wanted to spit out but quickly restricted herself because she didn’t want to do anything that’d make them beat her up.
Winning this money was so golden for her. So, she just ignored.

“Who’s next?” She asked excitedly with a sweet smile and a different opponent came up.
It went on and on for a long time with Kaylan beating every one of them, and in the end, some of the haters actually turned to admirers.


Princess Sharon stood at the door of the tanvern, a scarf around her head as she peeped through the crowd.

Goodness! Kaylan was really there – playing the game with men.

“My Princess… Have you seen her?” Her maid behind her asked, but she didn’t reply and just walked out of the room instead.

“My God..?” She shook her head when she got out to the open. Her hands were on her waist.
“That lady is really shameless! I can’t believe she feels so comfortable in there”.

“I told you, Princess. Peter was sure he had seen her” the maid replied, queing to her bewilderment

Sharon felt so bittered and hateful. Xander deserves a lady with courtesy – not that rascal!

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She shook her head bitterly and they headed back to the mansion to see her friend – Mansi.
Thank goodness Mansi didn’t have a problem with her staying at the mansion the whole day.

The whole time, she was in deep thoughts.
It was obvious those men in the tanvern had no idea she was the Master’s wife, else they’d have added more respect and that was her point! She was belittling herself Andrew bringing shame to the Royal family! Damn that lady!

She walked absent mindedly and was about taking a turn when a lady bumped into her, making some scrolls she held to roll on the floor.

“Goodness!!” Sharon exclaimed instantly. “Are you blind?!”

The young pretty lady quietly bent to pick up her scrolls and until then before she looked at the princess.

“I’m sorry” she muttered with her gaze on the floor.

Kaylan spared two seconds to scrutinize her. Who was she? She didn’t look like a maid.

“Of course, you should be! And next time, be careful because there would be no forgiveness” she stated spitefully and the lady just bowed and left.

“That is Anya,My Princess. She is Xander’s sêx slave” Sharon’s maid said in a whisper and she paused and gapsed.

What??? She was the sêx slave she’d been hearing about???

“Hmph” she huffed and continued walking away, her mind drifting back to Kaylan who was her major nightmare.

She couldn’t believe she’d been so close to becoming Xander’s wife before she ruined it. Yet, she’s out there, playing chess with some men!

Suddenly, she stopped walking when an idea struck at her.

“Hah!” She gasped heavily and turned to look at her maid, her eyes beaming.

“Oh my God! Nana!”she exclaimed. “I think I have a perfect idea already!”


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