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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 24


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 24

By: Faith Lucky

“Seriously Kaylan, you’re too stubborn” Jaden grouse as she paced restlessly in the room, tho and fro.

Kaylan was still lying on the bed, face down and still wouldn’t touch the medicines.

From time to time, Jaden would run to the window to cheek if the Physician was coming already, but thankfully he wasn’t.

“Gosh! Kaylan, don’t be so stubborn. Why wouldn’t you just take this medications huh and prevent further troubles? What if the physician really arrives with Lord Xander?” She queried.
She couldn’t believe she was so worried for her friend, like she was actually the one lying on the partial sick bed.

“I don’t care if he comes with his warriors, Jaden. No matter what he does, I’m never taking those medications and that’s final!” She rasped with a frown.

Jaden shook her head and continued pacing around, then decided to check the window again and this time around, she let out a loud gasp.

“Kaylan! He’s coming!!” She shrieked.
“Xander’s coming!! He’s coming with the physician!!”

Kaylan’s eyes dimmed but she didn’t move from the bed. No; obviously Jaden was just trying to pull her legs and wasn’t serious.

“Kaylan!” She ran to her on tbe bed, her eyes dilated in shock.

“Oh, Kaylan! Please take it already! He might come in and punish you” she urged worriedly, but Kaylan still didn’t make a move and felt Jaden was somehow pulling her legs.

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Jaden continued pestering her anyway, but not for long as the door had opened shortly with the physician coming in first.

“Hah!” Jaden gasped.
“He’s here!”

Kaylan’s eyes went open immediately as she quickly looked at the door and that was the moment Xander was walking in.

The hell! It was real! He was really in her room!
She sat up immediately, slightly tho and Jaden also sprang up from the bed.

“M…m…My Lord” Jaden stuttered, her Head bowed
That irresistible cold aura could be felt around him as he walked in, his hands crossed behind his back, and his robe sweeping the floor. The aura clung tight around him like some gum.

Xander didn’t even look at her as he only fixed his eyes on the princess who was sitting on the bed with a frown, her eyes looking at anywhere else, but his.

“Phil” he called and the Physician hurried to stand before him.

“Yes, My Lord”. He bowed, and Xander allowed a few seconds pass before proceeding.

“What did you say happen with the princess?” He asked and the physician glanced at Kaylan.

“Uh… My Lord, I’d come over to treat her like you said, but she’s been stubborn and wouldn’t take any of the medications I prescribed. I tried my best but it still wasn’t working out. And so, I decided to bring it to your notice”. He explained and Kaylan lifted her head to look at Xander who was staring coldly at her.

She flinched and lowered her gaze to the floor Immediately.

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“Princess Kaylan” he finally called, his cold voice sending some cold waves round the room.
“Is this true?”

But Kaylan was silent and didn’t make any move.


“My Lord’ he bowed Immediately.

“Get whatever medications you want and take them to her” he commanded and the physician looked at him with a little bit of surprise. Would that really work?

He proceeded anyway, took the drink in the bowl and walked towards the princess.

“My Princess…”

“I wouldn’t want to repeat myself, Princess Kaylan” Xander stated icily.
“Take the bowl from him and drink as he’s required”.

Staring up at him, Kaylan could see that deadly look in his eyes,. That strange look – like the one he had on when she was being whipped.

Something in her guts wanted her to act stubborn still, but something else kept whispering to her thar she wasn’t ready for it.

So, slowly, she reached for the bowl, collected it from the physician and gulped the bitter content down.

Her face crumpled up due to the sour taste as she handed the bowl begrudgingly to the physician.

Goodness! She couldn’t believe she actually did take it. She took it!.

If it wasn’t for how broad his chest was, Kaylan would’ve noticed the slight rise and fall it produced.

He turned around, towards the door. Then, just like he’d forgotten something, he turned back to look at her.

“The more you cooperate, the less you’ll get punished. You should take your medications” he stated gruffly and finally left.

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The physician also packed up and left, leaving Kaylan alone in the room with her friend.

“Oh, thank the saviors you didn’t act stubborn” Jaden said as she rushed to the bed to meet Kaylan.
She wanted to laugh at her and tease for dreading Lord Xander that easily, but she knew that wasn’t the right time.

“I didn’t want to do it” Kaylan pouted.
“Why did I take it? Why did I take it?”

“What?? Kaylan?” Jaden called in surprise as Kaylan bursted into tears and she went ahead to hug her.


Xander returned to his room and picked up the scroll.
He had so much in his mind, but didn’t want to think about it.

Picking up the old scroll, he unrolled it and continued reading the content – the message sent by his Chief council concerning Kaylan’s father.

His brows arched a little as he read the disturbing content. What? When did this happen?

“Axel!” He called Immediately and the guard came running in.

“My Lord!” His head was bowed as he did.

Xander stared at the scroll in his hand before folding it up.

“Get me the chief council” he commanded.
Hmph. What’s happening?🤔🤔🤔

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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