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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 25


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 25

By: Faith Lucky

Xander returned to his seat as soon as the chief guard left. Could this be true? When did such a thing happen?

For a man like him, he wasn’t supposed to be bothered, but yeah, he was. Although it didn’t reflect on his expression or anything; it could only be felt inside of him.

After a while, Axel returned with the chief council who was heavily adorned like he was on his way to or from a meeting.

“He’s here, My Lord” Axel bowed and with the wave of a hand, Xander dismissed him.

“Greetings, My Lord” the chief council bowed as he stood in front of Xander.
Although, he was way older than Xander, he was wise enough to know it wasn’t in the size, but the stature.

“You may rise, counsel” Xander replied and the elderly man didn’t hesitate to lift his head Immediately.

“I got your letter. How serious is it?” Xander asked after a few seconds of silence.

“It’s very serious, My Lord. King Moreh wouldn’t oblige to our terms and it’s nearly getting out of hand. Although…. we’re still trying our very best to come to a positive agreement in due time”. He explained.

Xander heaved a sigh and stood up, his face as straight and unpredictable as always

He walked over to the wooden window and stood in front of it, his hands crossed behind his back. And the counsel couldn’t move unless he was ordered to.

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“You can leave” Xander finally ordered and with a bow, the counsel turned around and left.

Later in the evening,

Kaylan stood at the balcony with Jaden as they both stared up at the sky which was filled with so many dancing stars.

“The sky’s so beautiful, huh?” Jaden asked with a smile , her eyes beaming.
“Imagine standing here with your lover. Hmph”.

Kaylan shot her a stare and she nudged her .

“Kaylan, are you sure you should be standing here? I mean.. your back. Is it healing up already?” She asked in an unfeigned concerned voice, staring at the clothed back.

“The pains has reduced already” Kaylan answered feebly.

“Hmph. That Xander’s really heartless, you know? I still can’t believe he’d stand by and watch his wife get whipped. What am I even saying? Of course, I believe. That man kills everyday. What’s the big deal in watching a lady get whipped?”

Kaylan said nothing, still as the painful thoughts replayed in her head

“You know I warned you Kaylan. I warned you to be careful around that man. He’s got the heart of an ice. I almost laughed due to how scared you were when he came into the room and asked you to take the drink. You were so scared, Kaylan” Jaden laughed out.

“Hey;I wasn’t scared okay? I just didn’t want more trouble” she rolled her eyes while Jaden continued laughing.

“Jaden” Kaylan suddenly called and Jaden paused to look at her

“I think I was set up”.

Jaden’s eyes dimmed.

“Set up?” She repeated. “You think so?”

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“Yes. I mean.. how did the bracelet get into my bag in the first place? Fine! I know I was wrong to have gambled with it, but do you remember that boy was so sure there was a piece of gold in my bag? And…who on Earth would win something of such worth and return it to the owner all in the name of humility? I don’t believe that Jaden. I feel like… Everything was all planned”. She enthused.

“Hmm” Jaden went into a brief thought.
“I was actually thinking the same thing, Kaylan. Somehow, I also feel you were being set up or something just to get Lord Xander to punish you”. Jaden seconded.

“Then, who could it be? Who would do such a thing to me? Who… Who did I offend here?” Kaylan asked worriedly.And just then,. Jaden spotted someone walking towards their direction.

“Oh… The charming guy is coming over” she teased and itched the back of her neck and Kaylan decided to have a look.
That was Akim – Madame Nadia’s son.

She looked away Immediately. But when he got to where she was, he stopped walking.

“Hi Princess” he beamed, giving a beatific smile.

“Hi” Kaylan responded perfunctorily.

“Good evening, sire” Jaden also said with a bow and a smile.

“Good evening, dear.
Um… how’re you doing, princess?” He turned back to Kaylan.

“I’m fine, thank you”. She replied.

Akim nodded and moved closer to her.

“I uh… I heard what happened between you and my brother. And I wanted to offer my sympathies. Xander’s a ruthless man that should be avoided. But since you’re his wife, the only thing I would advise you to avoid is his anger”.

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“That’s exactly what I’ve been telling her” Jaden chipped in, making Akim chuckle.

“I’m sorry once again. You should take care of yourself”. He touched her shoulder, earning a stare from Kaylan.

“Thank you” she mumbled and watched him leave.
Xander stood in front of his window, watching the whole scene…
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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