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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 11

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 11

(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

“Sharon??” Mansi called in surprise as she walked closer to her.

“Hey, honey. Finally, you returned!” Princess Sharon squealed happily as she dropped the brush she was holding. “I’ve been waiting for so long for you”.

“Hold on, what’re you doing here? I mean…how did you get here?” Mansi scoffed.

“Urgh? Can’t I pay a visit to my friend anymore?” Sharon rolled her eyes and Mansi strolled to the table.

“Anyway, welcome”. She mumbled as she arranged the books on the table.

“So, how have you been, Mansi? How’s Lord Xander?” Sharon asked and Mansi shut her a suspicious stare.

“Since when did you start asking after Lord Xander, Sharon? Anyway, he’s in his chambers – incase you want to see him” Mansi replied sarcastically.

“Oh!! Seriously Mansi. I’d really love it if you could take me to his room”.

“Whaat?? Have you gone nuts?? I hardly know Xander and I’m not even sure we’ve ever spoken to each other. So, how do you expect me to just take you to him?” Mansi scoffed and Sharon just rolled her eyes with a *fine*

“Anyway, how’s his newly weded wife? I heard the marriage had taken place yesterday?” She asked

“Well, yes. You heard correctly”.

“And how was it? How’s the wife?”.

“Stop asking me silly questions, Sharon. I don’t know anything about the wife, okay? You should know me by now that I love minding my business”.

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“Oh, boring. Anyway, are you aware Master Xander would’ve gotten married to me?” She asked and Mansi turned to look at her, seeming surprised.

“Well, yes. You know, when the letter was taken to Kaylan’s father, he’d rejected it and said he wasn’t giving his daughters out to Xander. So, the letter got to my father next, but before my father could reply, Kaylan’s father had already changed his mind and said he was ready to give Kaylan out. So, you see? I was so close to being the lucky one”. She explained wistfully, feeling a little hurt.

“Wow” Mansi just mouthed and turned back to the table and Sharon felt bittered that she wasn’t saying anything to help. What a friend indeed

Anyway, with or without Mansi’s help, she was still going to get what she wants.

She had been so close to being Xander’s wife before Kaylan ruined it. And she was going to make sure she ended up ruining the marriage as well.


“Seriously Kaylan, I think this is a bad idea” Jaden said as they stood in front of the tavern.

“And what exactly could be wrong with this, Jaden? Its just for fun and isn’t like we’ll be killing anyone”. Kaylan rolled her eyes and tried going further, but Jaden pulled her back..
“But thats a place mainly for men and I don’t think someone like you should be found on it. Besides, we don’t even have any money on us. Come on, Kay. Let’s just go”. She grumbled.

They’d been taking a walk round the community when they came across th tanvern which happens to prick Kaylan’s interest.

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“Nobody knows me as the Master’s wife. So, let’s go” she rolled her eyes and proceeded to the tanvern and this time around, Jaden couldn’t stop her.
So, she followed.
The tanvern wasn’t as crowdy and noisy as Kaylan had expected and she concluded it was due to the fact that it was morning.

She saw about 3 ladies cleaning some tables and serving drinks and the rest of the people that filled the place were male. Hmph.

“Wow! A lady’s here for a drink” a man closeby suddenly grinned and Kaylan shut him a deadly stare.

She looked around and found the only table that was crowded as it had about 5 men on it, with two playing a game.

“It’s chess!” Kaylan whispered to Jaden, her eyes beaming.
Oh! Chess was her favorite game.

They moved closer to the table and joined the rest of the men standing to watch the game.
Some coins were placed beside them which meant they’d actually set a bet.

“Oh!! He’s trapped, man!!” One of the watchers exclaimed and the others laughed.

They were so engrosser’s in the game and couldn’t even notice the two ladies that’d joined them.

Kaylan watched with ecstasy as the two men played the games perfectly, each seeming to be a pro. But, tch! She was sure she could do better than them.

“This is so interesting” Jaden giggled and nudged Kaylan.

Minutes later…the game was over with the fat man emerging the winner and the watchers cheered him as he loaded the coins into his pocket.

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“Woww’ Kaylan looked at Jaden and whisper.
That was money!!

“And who wants to go next?” The fat man asked with his hands spread apart, sounding so bold.

“Well, let me give it a try” another man replied and took the seat on the other side of the table.

He brought out his coins, same with the other man and the game began.

It was tough and interesting, but after a long while, the fat man won again.

“Woah!! You’re the best at this Pablo” the men cheered at him and Kaylan could notice how his head swelled.

The loser stood up with a grumpy look, probably feeling angry that he had lost such amount of money.

“And who else wants to take the seat?” The fat man asked again and before someone else would reply, Kaylan did.

“I will”.

All eyes turned towards her direction.

“What? A lady in our midst?” She could hear them mumbling.

“Kaylan! What’re you doing??” Jaden said huskily, but Kaylan ignored her.
The money was damn too tempting.

The man turned to look at her, actually surprised.

” A lady?” He laughed. “Okay, honey. Come on and let’s have some fun”.

And without hesitation, Kaylan hurried to the other side of the table and took the seat.

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