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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 40

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 40

By: Faith Lucky

As Xander stepped out of Kaylan’s room, he felt cold waves blowing all around him.

His hands ere still resting at his back and getting to where the guards were, right in front of her door, he stopped walking.

The guards stood at alert, thinking he actually wanted to pass an order to them or something. But after standing for such a long time, all he did was walk away – without uttering a word.
Jaden had been standing and watching from a distance and as soon as she saw Xander leave the room, her heart couldn’t help but panic. What could’ve happened in there?! He wasn’t looking good at all.

She saw him walking away and without any hesitation,ran towards the room immediately. Luckily, the guars let her pass and getting to the room, she found Kaylan sitting on the bed, looking so dumb with traces of tears on her face.

“Hey!” She called in a whisper, scuttling towards her.
“Are you alright? What the hell happened? Did he…did he hurt you? Why are you crying?” She asked so many questions but got no reply from Kaylan.
Instead, she released some more tears a while later.


Lord Xander walked into his chambers, his heart twisting in his chest.

He normally didn’t know how to express his anger. So, each time he was angry, he’d prefer training or fighting – just to get it out.

But at that very moment, deep in an embittered mind, he couldn’t think of fighting as all he wanted to do was be alone.

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He walked in and stood in front of his window, not knowing the exact thoughts to focus on from the so many voices ringing in his head.

Kaylan’s words had stung him really hard in the chest; offended hon so much yet he couldn’t get her punished.

“Unfortunate” the words replayed in his head.

He was really unfortunate…. wasn’t he?

He exhaled deeply and looked up at the ceiling, his eyes closed. And so he stayed for a long time, not wanting to move a finger.
Anya couldn’t help but feel so nervous as she sat in the physician’s room, awaiting her return.

Her hands were so sweaty already, anxiety taking the best of her. The result had to be negative; the result had to be negative – she kept reminding herself.

She fidgeted with her hands and shortly, the older woman walked in.

She was a bit short, her hair all white already. But her old age could never make her defect in her job.

“Is it ready?” Anya asked nervously, staring at the woman’s hand.

“Yes, it is” she answered and took a seat in front of Anya.

The whole silence was making Anya grow more anxious.

“My dear child”, she began. “I’ve checked you properly and…. I discover you’re pregnant”.


“Thank you” Kaylan muttered to Jaden as she returned the empty cup to her.
She had to help her with some water to calm her down, and hopefully, it worked.

“So, tell me; what really happened?” Jaden asked enthusiastically as she sat beside her on the bed.
She’d been so eager to know the whole time

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Kaylan sniffed and hesitated a little.

“It…has to do with my father” she began. “Xander’s using me as a bait against him to… get something from him”.

Jaden said nothing, not immediately. And that was because she was trying to digest the impossible story.

“Hold on, you’re not being serious, are you?” She scoffed.

“Do you really think I’d joke with something this sensitive?” Kaylan asked.
“Of course, I’m being serious. He’s using me as a bait and that’s the reason he has me locked up here and wouldn’t let me out of the room”

“Whaaat???” Jaden shirked immediately. “Kaylan, this man is far heartless than we thought him to be! How can he even do such a thing??? Use you as a bait! Dear god!”.

Silence descended as Kaylan wasn’t ready to say anything else.

“This is so terrible, Kaylan” Jaden continued.
“Didn’t you try to…. talk to him or anything? Maybe try to beg him or something?”

“I didn’t. Instead, I…. I said something awful to him” she bent her head and said with a pout.

“Really? And what did you say? What did he do?” Jaden inquired.

“Well, I….I told him he was so heartless and that was… probably the reason he’d lost all his wives”.

Jaden gasped immediately, covering her mouth with her palm.

“No! Kaylan!” She flinched.
“Just tell me you’re joking. You didn’t say that to him, did you???”

Kaylan was remorsefully silent.

“Oh! That was too extreme, Kaylan? Didn’t he punish you? Or maybe he will, but not now. You shouldn’t have said such a thing…”

“Well, I had no choice okay? I was just being angry” Kaylan cut in.
“You don’t expect me to feel good after discovering I was being used like a prisoner. I was just angry and… didn’t realize when the words left my mouth. Although…. I feel so terrible for saying them now. His expression…it shows he was deeply hurt. But don’t you think he deserves it?”

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“Well, maybe” Jaden shrugged. “But that was extreme. Tongue lashing him with his dead wives and misfortune isn’t entirely a good idea”.

Her words only made Kaylan feel more terrible. Perhaps, she should’ve abused hon with something else, not something that had to do with his dead wives. Oh! Now, she felt really terrible.

“So, what do we do now, Kaylan?” Jaden asked and just then, the door opened with one of the guards walking in.

Jaden’s heart skipped instantly as she thought they were there to punish Kaylan for what she did.

Both Kaylan and Jaden stared keenly at the guard.

“Greetings, Princess” he bowed.
“I’m here to inform you that your restriction has been lifted and you’re free to move around at will” he passed the announcement and left, leaving the two ladies in deep shock.
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