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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 38


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 38

“No matter what, it shouldn’t come to this! He shouldn’t think of this!”

King Moreh paced around angrily. Thinking Lord Xander could even attempt such a thing is so alarming to him already.

They were having some communal disputes that needed one to bow, and Xander decided to act tricky by using Kaylan as a bait against him. How dare he??

The members of the cabinet were all staring keenly, each wondering what the King’s decision could possibly be.

“Your Highness” one of the members suddenly called after a while, his Head bowed but his beady eyes stealing glances at the King who was still pacing around.

“Signing this petition will be of great defeat to us. It’d only signify weakness, not to mention the disadvantages that would come along with it”.

“But the Princess’ life is at stake as well” someone else said.
“We all know what’s in the letter. Lord Xander has threatened to kill her and we all know he’s never a man to bluff. If there’s one thing he enjoys, it’s killing daily”.

There was a brief pause.

“If we’re to weigh the circumstances, we’ll be talking about just the princess and the entire Kingdom” another member of the cabinet said.
“By signing this partition, we’ll be signing a quarter of our property to The Xander community. It’s too outrageous. Think about the occupants of those areas. They all would have to relocate and look for somewhere else to stay. That would be too inconveniencing, Your Highness, and I’m pretty sure the people won’t be so happy with your decision”

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The entire condition had gotten worst as King Moreh was in deep thougts. What sort of temptation is this? He had to chose between Kaylan and his people? For what reason?


Princess Kaylan was beginning to feel restless already. It was almost evening yet, the guards still wouldn’t let her leave the room. Even when she’d tried using the pretence of being hungry and wanting to get a meal, they still wouldn’t her out and had ordered some maids to get her food instead. She couldn’t understand what was going on any more.

She stood up from the bed where she’d been sitting the whole time and began pacing tho and fro the room, her index finger touching her teeth. Something wasn’t right; definitely not right.

“What do you think could be going on, Kaylan?” Jaden suddenly asked.
She’d been standing and leaning against the wall.
“I don’t know, but I just feel something fishy is actually going on”. She added.

Her words only worsened Kaylan’s condition as she grew more suspicious. Then finally, she walked to the door, opened it and still found the guards there

“I need to speak to Lord Xander” she demanded, her eyes looking more serious than the guards had formerly seen.

The two guards glanced at each other.

“I’m afraid you can’t do that at the moment, Princess ..”

“Why?” Kaylan cut him off brusquely. “Am I gradually becoming a prisoner or something? Well, if I am, I’d suggest you tell me to my face!”

The guards said nothing and Kaylan made another attempt to go pass the door, but they stopped her.

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“If I can’t leave the room, then let me speak with him at least! I deserve his attention! One of these must happen, well unless you’re ready to beat me up because I’m definitely leaving this room this minute if you don’t go to call him!” She rasped.
The guards could see her damn serious she was. Sticking to their will wasn’t a problem, but they’ve heard about the Princess and how stubborn she was and knew she was indeed, ready to put up a fight if they don’t give her what she wants. Of course, they were sure to defeat her in the fight, but they were only scared of hurting her in the process.

“I’ll get the Master”. The first guard suddenly said, bowed and left, while Kaylan returned to the room.


Lord Xander had just returned from the field where he’d been supervising the training of some of his men and as soon as he stepped into the room, he took a cold bath and changed into one of his causal robes.

Few minutes later, Axel walked in and announced the arrival of the chief cook with his meal.

“Let her in” Xander replied and Axel bowed and left afterwards.

Shortly, the chief cook entered with the big round tray containing the covered dishes. Hilda – she’s always been the one to serve Xander’s meal because shes always wanted to ensure a neat job.

“Greetings, My Lord” she greeted with a bow before dropping the tray on a table.

“You can leave” Xander Said without looking at her and without hesitation, Hilda bowed and left.

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He was standing in front of his big desk, trying to check out some scrolls. But realizing he was a bit tired, he decided to have his meal first. That’d be the first meal he’d be having for the day.

So, he walked over to the meal, sat in front of it and was about unveiling it when Axel walked in again.

“My Lord”he bowed.
“Sorry for interrupting, but one of the guards assigned to guard princess Kaylan’s room is here to see you”.

Xander hesitated a little, just staring down at the covered meals.

“Let him in” he finally said, icily and Axel bowed and left with the second guard coming in right immediately.

“My Lord” he bowed.
“Sorry for disturbing, but Princess Kaylan is getting impatient already. She’s requesting to see you and threatens to put up a fight if her request is not granted”.

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