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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 37

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 37

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan and Jaden were both lying on a bed, staring up at the ceiling as they are some apples while talking about Kaylan’s horrible experience at the festival.

“So .. you mean, you’d have been the one dead if Nivea hadn’t taken the drink in your place?” Jaden asked, still finding the whole thing amusing.
The entire story was nearly too hard to believe.

“Seriously, Jaden. I’m still in shock. I mean, that drink was for me. Yet,take a look at what happened. Honestly, I felt so terrible for her. She was such a nice person”. Kaylan stated bleakly, reminiscing on how nice Princess Nivea had really been.

“I’m actually thinking…one of Xander’s enemies is behind this, you know? Else, why would anyone try to kill you? This is the first time an attempt is being made on your life, right?” Jaden asked.

“That’s correct. But in the first place, why would anyone want to kill me? I might be married to Xander, but it doesn’t mean I’m Xander himself. If they’re having any issues with him, they should make attempts to kill him, not me”. Kaylan answered sarcastically and Jaden slapped her arm.

“What is wrong with you, Kaylan?! You’re so unbelievable” she frowned and Kaylan chuckled

“I’m just joking anyways. But on a more serious note, Jaden, this isn’t fair. I didn’t chose to be his wife in the first place, you know?” She rolled her eyes.
“And by the way, Nivea had said something else to me – something more disturbing. You know her sister was Xander’s second wife. So, I’d asked her how she died and guess what she told me?”

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Jaden sat up immediately, finding the story really amusing as she’d always wanted to know the mystery behind the death of Xander’s wives

“These were her words: avoid getting pregnant for Lord Xander”. Kaylan completef and sat up as well.

“Whaaat??” Jaden shirked.
“You mean she actually told you that? What could that possibly mean?”

“I don’t know, Jaden. I was about asking her for more details before the poison started taking effect in her body and she bursted out coughing and spitting blood. So, I couldn’t get more of what she meant”. She replied.

For a while, the two ladies were silent, just thinking deep about it.

“Don’t you think it’s high time we started making some research Kaylan, and know what the problem really is?” Jaden broke the silence.
“I mean, it’s obvious there’s a mystery behind the death of the previous wives and I think we really need to find them out so we can know if we’re to get a solution or something. We shouldn’t just sit idle and wait for death to come up on you or something”.

“But what should I do, Jaden? What can we do? You should know they handle those matters with deep secrecy”. Kaylan grouse and Jaden placed her hands on her jaw for a while.

“Come on; I think I have an idea. Come with me” she stood up from the bed and started towards the door, and of course, Kaylan followed immediately

“Hold on; where are we going?” Kaylan asked as they walked towards the door.

“We need to ask questions, Kaylan. We could meet some older people and ask questions. I’m sure we’ll get what we’re looking for” Jaden replied

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They got to the door and opened it and to their surprise, found two armed guards on each side, like they were guarding it.
Oh… since when were guards assigned to her room – Kaylan thought.

She exchanged glances with Jaden.

“Um… hi” Jaden smiled at the guards who weren’t even looking at them as she stepped out of the room.
But when Kaylan tried stepping out as well, the guards snappily turned to look at her, blocking her way.

“I’m sorry, My Princess, but you’re not permitted to go out of your room” The first guard said, his eyes focused and almost stood like a statue.

Kaylan was gobsmacked. What the heck was he talking about?? She wasn’t permitted to go out of the room? Why?

She looked at Jaden who was equally surprised.

“I don’t understand. Why can’t I leave my room?” She asked with a scoff.

“I have no idea, My Princess. But we’re working on Lord Xander’s orders. He requests you stay indoors for now”. The same guard replied.

Kaylan shook her head dazily and returned to the room, while Jaden followed.

“What’s going on, Kaylan? Why wouldn’t they let us out??” Jaden asked as soon as they stepped out,but Kaylan said nothing as she really had nothing to say.

“Do you think he’s trying to protect you against further attacks? Or…
But that isn’t enough reason to have you locked up in your room and even assign guards at your door post. What do you think is going on, Kaylan?”

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“I don’t know, Jaden. You heard what the guard said. I don’t know” Kaylan grumbled as she stared at the floor, deep in thoughts.


“Nonsense!” King Moreh roared as he stood up from his throne, his mighty robe swaying along with him while holding the scroll in his hand.
“This is nonsense!”

“Your Highness…”

“No, he has no right! He has no right, no matter what, to use my daughter as a bait to make me sign the God-damn petition! How can he even think I’d make such a decision that wouldn’t be favorable to my own people? How can he even think of forcing me against my will?? Using my daughter as a bait??” His voice thundered up, his eyes adjusting to his regality.

He couldn’t recall when last he’d been so angry.

His members of the cabinet were standing before him, nearly speechless.

“You need to calm down, your Highness. I’m sure we’ll find a way around this” One of them summoned up something to say.

“And what could we possibly do??? You should know Xander to be a man of his words! How dare he try to coerce me into doing something I don’t wish to do?? How can he threaten the life of my daughter?? No matter what, it shouldn’t come to this! He shouldn’t think of this!”

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