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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 39


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 39

By: Faith Lucky

“My Lord” he bowed.
“Sorry for disturbing, but Princess Kaylan is getting impatient already. She’s requesting to see you and threatens to put up a fight if her request is not granted”.

Xander was quiet for a while, giving a thought to what the guard had said. Well, he had known this would happen, trying to limit her from leaving the house – he’d known she’d grow suspicious and angry.

He exhaled lightly, unveiled the second plate of his meal and turned to the guard.

“I’ll be there” he stated in his deep baritone tone and the guard bowed with gratitude.

“Thank you, My Lord” he said and left.


“I don’t think it was a good idea being so rude to the guard, Kaylan” Jaden said in the room.
“To me, I think you should’ve just stated your request humbly. I mean, what if Lord Xander gets mad at you for being rude to the guard? What if he…?”

“Will you just keep it shut Jaden?” Kaylan snapped. “I did nothing wrong okay? No matter what, I deserve an explanation for being locked up like a prisoner. I surely don’t deserve this punishment”.

Jaden rolled her eyes and was about saying something when the door suddenly went open with one of the guards coming in. At first, they’d thougt he was coming to pass an information, but not until they saw Lord Xander walking in as well.

Jaden was the first to flinch. He came! He really did show up!

Kaylan stood up from the bed where she’d been sitting as well, having mixed thoughts in her head.
First, she felt surprised that Xander really showed up. And secondly, she felt more anxious to know how their conversation would go.

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“Greetings, My Lord” Jaden bowed in obeisance, fiddling with her intertwined fingers.

Xander didn’t even spare her a glance as he only kept his gaze on Kaylan who was staring down at the floor.
His hands were crossed at his back, eyes looking so dark.

“Leave us” the cold words escaped his lips and Jaden didn’t need anyone to tell her she was the one being referred to.

Quickly, she left the room with her head bowed. And the only guard in the room followed right immediately. And finally, it was just Xander and Kaylan left in the room.

While Xander stood like an intimidating leader in the room, Kaylan stood in front of him like a child who was about to get a scold from an elder.

“You said you wanted to see me” Xander finally broke the brooding silence, his words sounding like Kaylan had actually committed an offense.

Kaylan summoned enough courage and took her gaze from the floor.

“I…demand to know why I’m being locked up here” she said, her eyes still unable to stare at him.

Xander – as usual – was silent for a moment

“It’s for the best” he suddenly said and those time around, Kaylan had to look at him.

“The best?” She asked with a crumpled look.
“I don’t… I don’t understand. What do you mean it’s for the best?”

Xander took in a light breath and moved an inch.

“I’m trying to protect you, Kaylan. Going out there isn’t safe for you” he said, but Kaylan didn’t seem to buy.

“Really? And it has to get to the extent of locking me up entirely, I can’t even go out to get my own meal? Who exactly are you trying to protect me from in the first place? And are you trying to say they’re here, in the palace? So, why aren’t you being locked up in your room as well??”
Kaylan was beginning to notice some slight changes in Xander’s eyes. Obviously, he didn’t like being challenged.

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“Stop yelling at him Kaylan, he might get so angry”. A voice whispered in her head.

Xander’s dark eyes only glinted a little.

“I don’t think you should have a problem with you staying all day in your room, Kaylan” he said. “You should be comfortable here. You have everything you need and will be given everything you ask for”.

He turned towards the door to leave.

“What exactly is going on??” Kaylan didn’t realize when she yelled
“Don’t I even deserve to know?? Tell me what you’re hiding or, I swear, I’m leaving this place!”

Xander snapped and turned to look at her. His hands were still resting at his back.

“I need something from your Father, something that would be of great importance to my community. And I need to keep you here to make sure he gives it to me”. Xander finally told her the truth, stating it matter-of-factly.

Kaylan’s eyes dimmed with comprehension immediately, her lips parted slightly in surprise.
Good saviors! She gasped.

Her eyes starred at Xander’s cold face before going down to the floor. She was a bait! A bait! She was being used as a bait!

For the savior’s sake!!

Now, she understood everything! Now, the entire thing became crystal clear to me. She was being locked up in her room because her father was being blackmailed!! Her life was under a threat and she completely had no idea!

She flinched and looked up at Xander – slowly

“I can’t believe this” she shook her head, the words coming out in whispers.
“I can’t believe this. How dare you use me as a bait against my own father?!”

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Xander said nothing, and coldly, he turned around to leave but Kaylan went after him.

“No! You can’t do this to me!! I can’t let you do this to me! You can’t treat me this way!” She rasped as she tried walking pass him to the door, but he pulled her back – so effortlessly.

“You need to stay put” he faciled.

“No! Don’t even tell me to stay put! How can you do this to your own wife?? How dare you use me as a bait?!”
She was already at the verge of tears. But Xander, his expression was as blank as always.

Kaylan tried going out again but still, he pushed her back, restricting her.

“Don’t make me hurt you” his voice came as a mumble.

“You’re so heartless!!” Kaylan cried out, hitting him lightly on the chest.
“Now I know why you’re so unfortunate to lose all your wives!!”


It happened so fast; so fast, Kaylan didn’t realize when the words left her mouth. And by the time she did, it was already too late to take them back.

She felt her heart leap a lightly as it suddenly seemed like some ice water had been poured on her.

And Xander – for the first time since she’s known him, she saw his eyes droop right in front of her. Despite how strong he was, those particular words seemed to have melted him.

There was a glint in his eyes as he stared at the floor for the first time, despondency smelling all around him.
And silently, with his eyes still on the floor, he turned around and left.
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