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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 33


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 33

Prince Berlin walked into the room, his lips shaking as he stared at his sister’s corpse lying there on the bed. Her face had gone white and pale already, so obvious she was really nothing but a corpse at that moment.

He whimpered, a tear dropping from his eye as he got to the bed and lifted her head to rest on his chest.

“Nivea…” His voice was shaking.
“I’m so sorry…. I’m so sorry”.

Yes, he was so sorry because he killed his own sister; he poisoned his own sister.

Hot tears gushed down his cheeks; tears filled with pain and regrets. He never wanted to do it. The drink was meant for Kaylan. Damn it! It was meant for Kaylan, not his sister. Why the hell did she have to be the one to drink it huh?

He wept more with her head still on his chest. Oh! If only he could have turn back the hands of time. If only he could reverse everything and make this moment nothing but a dream. So many regrets….so many.

It was Xander! He wanted to punish him for killing his sister – which had been his second wife.

He didn’t know exactly how she died, but he’d been against the marriage from the onset and tried convincing his sister not to get married to Xander, but she wouldn’t listen. And few months later, she ended up dead! Dead- just like his first wife

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He blamed Xander for her death and vowed to make him pay. And when he heard he was coming to the party with his third wife, he decided to poison her and get rid of her so Xander remains single. But look what happened…his own sister fell victim to it. Why huh? Why did she drink what wasn’t meant for her?? Why on Earth was she with Kaylan in the first place?

“Oh Nivea…’ he wept excruciatingly. I’m so sorry, I’m deeply sorry. Please… forgive me”. His hands were literally shaking.

He couldn’t believe he’d lost two of his sisters…all because of Xander…!
Oh! Deep anger and hatred ran through him. He needed to make them pay.

After a while, he laid her back on the need and walked out of the room. And getting outside, he found the King and Queen, the royal Physician, prince Noah and some members of the cabinet. Some guards were there as well and the Physician held a cup with him.

“So, the drink was really poisoned?” The King asked, staring keenly at the cup which the physician held.

“Yes, your highness. This was the cup the princess drank from and I’ve examined it and confirmed she was indeed, poisoned”. The physician replied.

“But good saviors! Why would Lord Xander’s wife do such a thing?? Why would she poison Nivea?”

“Because they’re all evil” Prince Berlin answered from where he stood, drawing all attention to himself.
“She’s just like her husband’ and they deserve to pay for what they did to my sister”.

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He left the door blearily and walked towards them.

They took my first sister and went free, I’m not letting them go free this time around”. He added and just then, a new presence arrived – Lord Xander and his guards.

His burning eyes had a lot of questions as he marched towards them, the sound of his boots discerning a lot of authority.
Where has he been the whole time?

All eyes stared at him, the other guards bowing in respect as he walked past them. And finally, he was standing in front of the “royal” gathering.

“Your Highness” he lowered his gaze a little to the King.
“I’m hearing some disturbing rumours about my wife and wish to know what is going on”.

Silence. Then,

“Your WIFE killed my sister” Prince Berlin replied, his voice sounding so venonemous.

Xander looked at him.

“And by kill, you mean….?” He purposely left a blank space.

“She poisoned the princess, My Lord” the physician replied, going closer to him with the cup.

“Your wife and the princess was sitting together at the festival. Princess Nivea had requested for a drink and when her maid left to get it for her, your wife offered her own drink which the princess drank and died few minutes later” he explained.

For some seconds, Xander was silent, just staring down at the floor and trying to comprehend the whole thing.

“Let me get this straight” he scoffed and lifted his head to look at them.

“My wife was given a drink by one of your people, then she gave the same drink to princess Nivea who after drinking it, died because she was poisoned. Are you toiling with me or something?”
No one said anything, then he exhaled deeply .

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“Where’s princess Kaylan?” He asked

“In the dungeon – where she should be” prince Berlin immediately, daring Xander to glare at him

But Xander didn’t just glare at him as his eyes glinted as well

“You kept my wife….in a dungeon?” He asked, his voice sounding so cold.

“She needs to be there, Xander – at least for now, until the whole issue is resolved and we know what really happened The King said.

“If this is a joke, your Highness, then it’s not funny. Bring Princess Kaylan out of the dungeon – now”.

“But you can’t just take her away” one of the cabinet members said, angrily. “she came over to our land and killed one of our wives. She deserves the death penalty!”

It happened so fast. In a swift turn, Xander withdrew a sword from the sheath of one of his guards, sliced it through the air and cut across the man’s neck.

A scream erupted as the head came rolling down to the floor, followed by the body which dropped right immediately.

“Arghhh!!!” The Queen screamed again, recoiling back in fear.
Shock filled the eyes of everyone present – including Prince Berlin.

But Lord Xander stood unflinched, with the sword dripping with blood in his hand.
And in a husky voice, he said;

“You have 15 seconds to provide my wife or more heads will roll”.

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