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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 34

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 34

By: Faith Lucky

Lord Xander stood unflinched, with the sword dripping with blood in his hand.
And in a husky voice, he said;
“You have 15 seconds to provide my wife or more heads will roll”.

Surprise filled the faces of everyone present as they didn’t expect such act from Xander. They were talking about the death of an important person and he just caused the death of another??

Silence took over for the next few minutes, but not until Berlin got really angry.

“How dare you?!!” He roared and tried going at him, but Prince Noah was quick enough to hold him.
He knew Xander wouldn’t hesitate to chop off his head as well and he didn’t want that to happen.

And nobody could attack him because they knew at that moment, he could kill everyone of them in the room and walk out like nothing ever happened.

“Guards!” The King suddenly called and two guards scurried from the door to where he was

“Your Highness!”.

“Go to the dungeon and release the princess” he ordered and the guards bowed and left immediately.

Prince Berlin was boiling with anger, terribly. Damn it! He needed someone to pay!

“This isn’t over! It isn’t over!” He pointed a finger at Xander, then turned around and left.

Noah could notice how Xander’s fist tightned around the sword he held and it was obvious he’d have used it on Berlin if he’d taken one more step closer.

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Xander stared at the King, his eyes so damn red. And dropping the sword on the floor, he turned around and left.
Kaylan was so worried as she paced tho and fro in the dungeon, wondering what could be going on out there. She still couldn’t believe Princess Nivea was dead; someone she’d been with a while ago.

But….if the drink she’d given to Nivea was really poisoned, then it meant The poison was meant for her, right? Yes! Because a maid had served the drink to her, but she didn’t take It before handing it to Nivea some minutes later. And now…Nivea was dead. Goodness! Could it be possible someone had made an attempt on her life?? Someone had tried to kill her?? But who could that be and why?

If she hadn’t given that drink to Nivea and had taken it instead, so she’d have been the one in her place? She’d have been the one dead at that moment?? For God’s sake! Who could this be??

More fear gripped her and shortly, she heard footsteps and turned to see two guards walking towards her.
They got to her cell and opened the gate.

“Come out, princess” one of them said, making Kaylan’s eyes beam.
She was being released???

She stared suspiciously at them for a while, then without further hesitation, quickly rushed out of the cell.

The guards directed and took her to the carriage where Xander was already waiting. Goodness!! She was really being released! What happened? Has everything being sorted out already?

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She hurried into the carriage and took a seat beside him.

“My…My Lord” she stuttered.
“I didn’t do it. I didn’t do what they accused me of”

Xander said nothing – not immediately.

The guard started the carriage and quickly, they took off.

“You’re not saying anything” Kaylan grouse, feeling worried he might actually not believe her.

And in his usual cold tone, he replied:
“I know”.


Prince Berlin wasn’t ready to give up without a fight. He was only trying to get revenge for his sister but only lost another in the process. And it was all because of Lord Xander.

Well…. he knew exactly what to do. A better way to get rid of the Master himself – once and for all.
Sorry, it’s short 😰😰😰

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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