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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 47


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 47

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan and Jaden decided to check the field to see if Xander would still be there.

“Are you sure I’m looking good enough?” Kaylan asked, taking a look at her toes.

“Honestly, you’re looking stunning, Kaylan. But I’m still wondering what exactly you have in mind, you know? And I really can’t wait to see it” Jaden giggled.

“Just wait and see, Jaden. I definitely have something good. Just wait till Xander sees me….”

The few people they came across couldn’t stop stealing glances at Kaylan, especially the maids who always knew her to be so unruly and dress like a commoner some times. Why was she looking explicitly different today – they wondered.

Her long hair which was styled to the right fitted her long blue gown which sparkled a little. Her make up was just perfect and brought out a beauty they’d never seen in her. Well, that was how the wife of Lord Xander should be, just that, they weren’t used to this particular wife of his.

Kaylan and Jaden finally got to the field, but unfortunately, Xander was nowhere to be found. Only the guards still training there.

“Seems he’s returned to his chambers” Jaden said from behind, her eyes still glued to the field

“Are you sure hes in his chambers?” Kaylan asked.

“Not sure. Just thinking….”

“Alright then, let’s go check it out”.

And they turned around and left.
Princess Sharon stood right there at the balcony with Mansi beside her. Mansi’s maid was helping her fix her bangles while Sharon filled her with some trending topics.

Suddenly, she spotted someone walking down on the last floor, someone that looked so familiar.

“Isn’t that Kaylan?” She asked with a crumpled look and Mansi turned to have a look.
Surprise crept into their faces.

“It… looks like her” Mansi scoffed, holding onto the handrails of the balcony to have a proper look.
“I’d seen her a while ago and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t dressed like this”.

“Well, I’ve never seen her dressed like this” Sharon chipped in.
“Why the sudden change?”

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Mansi said nothing else as she just continued staring, while Sharon had grown bittered already.
Why was Kaylan looking so good all of a sudden? She should’ve remained looking shaggy the way she normally looked so Xander would get used to it. Why the sudden change of plans?

Anyways, her plan with her father was already in motion and in less than two days time, he’ll be coming to see Lord Xander himself. Everything would definitely fall into place; very soon and she couldn’t wait…
Kaylan and Jaden marched towards Lord Xander’s chambers, with Kaylan feeling a little nervous.

They could see the door from a distance already when all of a sudden, they saw another lady walking towards it. She was closer to the door than they were.

“Who’s that?” Kaylan asked as she stopped walking with Jaden.
“Could she be a maid?”

“That isn’t a maid. Don’t tell me you don’t know her. She frequent Lord Xander’s room a lot and I heard some of the maids say something like, she was his séx Mistress”. Jaden replied and Kaylan’s eyes dimmed immediately.

“Sèx what???” She flinched and quickly looked back at the direction of the lady who was already walking into the chambers.
“He has a sèx mistress?”

“Yes, so I heard”.

Everything in Kaylan’s stomach began churning instantly. The hell! The so called Lord Xander had a sèx mistress?

“So, that grumpy man has a sèx mistress when he’s married to me?” She asked with her right hand on her waist.
“Doesn’t this mean he’s cheating on me?”

“And what’re you trying to say, Kaylan?” Jaden scoffed. “Have you ever tried acting like a wife to him? Since you two got married, have you ever gone to his room to say HI or, maybe, get him breakfast, lunch or dinner like a true wife should do? Have you ever made any advances towards him and even if he tries making advances towards you or calls you for sèx, will you accept?”

For a second, Kaylan was tongue-tied.

“I don’t have to discuss my marital issues with you, Jaden. So let me be” she said with a stern look and glared hard at his chambers.

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But Jaden’s sensible words repeated in her head. No; they weren’t sensible. Why would she be the one to make advances towels her husband? And if he ever calls her for sèx, to perform her wifely duties, of course, she would obey him….right?

“So, what’re we going to do now? His séx Mistress is probably pleasuring him already” Jaden said with an eye roll and Kaylan looked at her.

“Well…. I’m not leaving here without Xander. And I’m definitely going to stand here and wait for some mistress to steal my time with my husband”.
And before Jaden could call her name, she started walking away, heading towards his chambers.
Anya walked into the room and met Lord Xander sharpening his smaller knife. The sharp sound of the iron sharpening filled the room and made Anya a little uncomfortable.

“Greetings, My Lord” she bowed respectfully, but Xander didn’t stop or turn to look at her as he continued sharpening his knife for some more time.

“Get on the bed, Anya” he finally said, grumpily and Anya took off her clothes.

The bed was her next location when she was done as she walked towards it and laid on her tummy.

When Xander had gotten the desired nature of the knife, he placed it on the table and was about taking off his robe to go join Anya on the bed when all of a sudden, he heard some voices outside his chambers.
It sounded more like an argument was going on with a female’s voice dominating.

“You have no right to stop me. I want to see him” he heard that particular voice.

Anya could hear them as well and was surprised and wondered what was possibly going on.

“Axel!” Xander called and the chief guard came running in few seconds later.

“My Lord…”

“What’s going on there?”

Axel hesitated, being a little distracted by Anya laying nàked on the bed.

“It’s the Princess, My Lord. She’s urgently requesting to see you” he replied with a bow and Xander arched a brow.
The princess wanted to see him?

“For what reason?”

“I have no idea, My Lord” Axel replied.

Then, Xander turned slightly to look at Anya.

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“Put your clothes back on” he ordered and Anya did just that immediately.
She left the bed, wore her clothes back on and stood aside with her head bowed like a humble servant.

“Let her in” Xander further said to Axel who bowed and left immediately.

Few seconds later, the princess walked in. Princess Kaylan.

Kaylan’s anxiety increased the moment she walked through that door, but she tried as much as possible not to show it or let her steps falter. She reminded herself that she was looking so beautiful and had to sum it up with some good attitude.

Xander was stunned – he wouldn’t deny – seeing the princess that way. And Kaylan noticed it in his eyes, when they flickered with a little bit of admiration. But it was only for a split second as the next, the dark look was back on.

“Greetings, Alpha” she greeted with a bow, then took her gaze to Anya to shut her a glare.

“Princess Kaylan” Lord Xander called, his tone as cold as ever.
“What is so urgent that you nearly burst into my room?”

Kaylan hesitated a little, still glaring at Anya and taking a scrutinized look at her.
She was beautiful, but being her husband’s mistress made her ugly.

“I have… something important to discuss with you, My Lord” she finally said, her shoulders going higher than they should.
So, he’d have been inside of that lady if she hadn’t interfered? Curse that bed!

“And what is it?” Xander’s Cold voice came laconically.

“It’s very important, My Lord. But I can’t say it in front of that woman. She needs to leave” Kaylan faciled and Kaylan had to lift her gaze from the floor to look at her.

Slowly, Xander looked at Anya, then at Kaylan and back at Anya.

“Leave us” he ordered and with a bow, she walked out of the room.
Who else can’t wait to know what “important discussion” Kaylan has in mind?😂
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