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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 46

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 46

By: Faith Lucky

Jaden kept wondering what Kaylan was upto as she ran to the room. She was tired of watching her, so just kept silent and weather the drama.

“I need a very good dress, Jaden” Kaylan said, ruffling through the clothes in her closet.

“I’m still trying to understand what exactly you have in mind, young lady” Jaden said, but Kaylan paid no attention to her as she just concentrated on looking for the best dress instead.

She searched and searched and after a while, came up with a long blue dress. Hmm.

“This is the beautiful, right?” She asked as she showed it to Jaden.

“Yeah….”: Jaden drew her reply and quickly, Kaylan stripped herself so she could put it on.

“Come on, Jaden. I need you to make me up” Kaylan held her hand and drew her towards the mirror before Jaden could even utter a word.
Lord Xander didn’t spend much time in the field again as his mood had already been ruined in the first place. Prince Berlin challenging him to a fight? That was something he wasn’t expecting anytime soon.

After training his men for a few more times, he dropped his sword and walked towards his chambers.

“Get me Anya” he told Axel at the entrance before walking in.


Anya was standing in front of the mirror, staring down at her tummy with her hand caressing it. She couldn’t believe she was carrying Lord Xander’s child. She was pregnant for him!

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She had so many thoughts running through her mind as she stared at her tummy which was still flat – luckily for her.

But how does she go about it? Lord Xander had warned her countlessly to avoid getting pregnant for him and she knew it’d only look like an act of disobedient if he finds out she was pregnant already. What does she do about it?

Zane could possibly kill her if he gets to know about it. Yes, he would. But .. would he really be so heartless to murder his own flesh and blood? Would he?

She thought pathetically, being so confused and her head already aching due to the much thinking. Or should she actually go for a termination or something? Would that be wise?

But why must she really go for a termination? What if she decides to keep this child….

Just then, there was a knock on her door which snapped her out of thougts. For no reason, she flinched. Maybe, because she thought whoever was knocking might’ve heard her thoughts.
Oh, Anya! She was going crazy.

“Who’s it?” She asked calmly as she walked to the door and opened it and oh….it was Axel.

Oh, no. Her heart skipped heavily. Each time Axel showed up in front of her room, it only meant one thing.

“A… Axel” she stuttered and lowered her gaze to the floor, looking so nervous.

“Greetings to you too, Anya. My Master wants you in his room – now” Axel delivered his message, turned around and left.

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Anya could feel her heart in her throat. He was calling for her already. Goodness; no! What does she do?

She locked the door and leaned her back on it, her forehead sweating profusely. She felt so anxious and wondered if Xander wouldn’t notice a thing if he continues having sèx with her in this condition. For the past few days during their intercourse, she’d been feeling some slight pains on her pelvíc and now that she’s confirmed she’s pregnant, it became clear to her that the sèx had been too rough on her.

She didn’t want him to get to know about this baby in anyway, at least, not yet until she’s figured out a perfect plan.

She brushed her fingers into her hair, thinking of what to do, but unfortunately, she couldn’t come up with one and concluded the only solution at that moment was to indeed, submit to him and pray nothing out of the ordinary happens.

She walked over to her closet and found something more suitable to wear, then finally left the room for his.


Kaylan had a huge smile on her face as she watched Jaden do a really good job on her.

” I know you’ve always been the best at this, Jaden’ she beamed happily and clapped her hands.

“Yeah, thanks for the compliment. But you still haven’t told me what your perfect plan is, Kaylan?” Jaden asked, applying some gloss on her lips.
“Are you looking this good because you actually want Lord Xander to see you and feel impressed?”

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Kaylan’s didn’t reply immediately as she waited for her to finish with her lips.

“You got that right, Jaden” she said when Jaden was done.
“You know, since I arrived here at the mansion, I’ve always been dressing like some toy and I guess that’s the reason Xander doesn’t want to respect me. So, today, I’ll make him see the real beauty in me. And when he does, I’m not even gonna give him an opportunity to say hi as I’d just simply walk away and make him wish he had me”. She enthused and Jaden nearly bursted out laughing.

“I really wouldn’t want to say you’re crazy, Kaylan, but I think you are. I mean, how do you even plan on getting to someone as busy as Xander?” Jaden asked.

“Of course, I can, Jaden. Just wait and watch….”

Few more minutes, and Jaden was finally through with her work on her face.

“You’re beautiful, actually” She complimented and watched Kaylan’s cheek glow with blush.
She touched her cheek as she stood up from her seat and turned left and right.

“Thank you, honey. Now, let’s get to work” she started walking out of the room, and Jaden, having no choice and really wanting to watch the drama that would take place, just followed.
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