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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 7


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 7

Kaylan could feel her throat in her chest as she stared keenly at the wardrobe.
What the hell was that?? What made that sound??

Her eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets as she reached for a vest beside her and lifted it up. It was time for war.

“Who’s there?!” She commended, her hands shaking with the vest in it
“Come out now, or I’ll kill you”.

There was another sound and she flinched.

She was about running away when suddenly, a lady jumped out from behind with her fingers out.

“Yeah!” She gave a light scream, trying to frighten Kaylan more and Kaylan’s jaws dropped when she noticed it was Jaden.

“Whaaat??? Jaden?” She called in disbelief and Jaden laughed so hard at her.

“Oh, goodness! You needed to had seen your face, Kaylan! You were like a fat rat!” Jaden said with a hearty laughter, but Kaylan was still surprised.

“Hold on, how the hell did you get in here?” She asked with crinkled eyes, lowering the vest.

“Oh! It’s easy. I knew this would be your room. So, I found a way to sneak in. Come here, I was so worried about you” she pouted as she went closer and pulled her in a hug.

Kaylan collected the hug, but as soon as it lasted for a second, she slapped her on the head.

“Ouch!” Jaden winced, touching the back of her head.

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“Come here, how dare you give me a fright, huh? Are you normal?” Kaylan lifted the vest towards her and she moved away.

“Stop it, will you? I didn’t mean to. Did I commit a crime by coming to see you?” Jaden asked with pouted lips and Kaylan rolled her eyes and dropped the vest.

“By the way Kaylan, how on Earth did you end up with Xander??” Jaden asked and Kaylan dropped her ass on the bed.

“It’s that fat man that calls himself my father” she rolled her eyes. “He did it to punish me – saying I needed to get married so I could change”.

“Huh? But that’s Outrageous. Getting married doesn’t mean you’ll change. Besides, Master Xander is too dangerous to me. Why would your father just marry you off to him like he doesn’t care about you anymore?”

“Hah!” Kaylan suddenly gasped and turned properly to face her.
“You wouldn’t even believe what happened earlier on!” She clapped her hands and laughed with so much excitement.

“Today, I challenged him! Yes, I did”.

Jaden’s eyes dilated in shock and confusion.

“I… don’t understand, Kay. What’re you talking about?”

“Well, when I arrived, I was actually taken to his room and to wait for him. And while I was waiting, I accidentally broke his glass and that was the moment he walked in.

“Hold on, whaaat??” Jaden exclaimed. “Why were you so clumsy, Kaylan?!”

“Well, it was a mistake okay?” She rolled her eyes. “Anyway, he was pretty angry and asked if I was dumb and I told him – hey, I’m not dumb okay? Actually, you’re the one who’s dumb! You and your guards!”
She paused and giggled while Jaden stared at her like she was out of her mind.

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“Okay. Just tell me you’re joking because I know that isn’t true” she scoffed.

“Huh? You think I’m lying to you? Of course, it happened! I told him to his face” Kaylan defended.

“And you seriously think you’d still be alive at this moment?” She chuckled.
“Even if you were to be alive, I’m pretty sure your eyes would’ve been off already. Or worst, your legs would be dancing on a pole right now”.

“Fine! Fine! Just shut up okay?” Kaylan rolled her eyes. “I didn’t exactly spell it out to him, tho. But I’m pretty sure he should know that was what I meant”

Jaden shook her head and laughed pathetically.

“Anyway, when is the marriage ceremony taking place?” She asked.


Xander stood in front of his second table, sharpening his sword with the steel when he heard the door open.

He maintained his position, not bothering to have a look because he could tell who it was from her walking steps.

“Why are you late, Anya?” He asked calmly when she stood behind him and she felt a slight fear run through her.

“I’m… I’m very sorry, My Lord. I was actually in the bathroom when the guard came to call me. I apologise for the delay” she replied politely, her head bowed in respect.

For a longer time, he didn’t say a word and it made her so so nervous.
Urgh! That killing silence!

Each time Xander was quiet after getting offended, the offender is usually very anxious because he could pass a deadly judgement when he finally speaks.

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“You should know what to do” he finally said and Anya breathed in relief, feeling thankful it didn’t have to be a punishment.

Without hesitation, she took off her clothes and went to lay on the bed.

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