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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 6


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 6

(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan flinched as the glass left her hand and crashed on the floor.

Oh,good creators! She gasped. Why wasn’t she careful?

She lifted her eyes to have a look at the image in front of her – the man standing in front of her. And for a moment, she pondered: Was that the Master Xander?

He was putting on a long black robe, his hands crossed behind and his eyes actually glinted as he stared at the broken glass on the floor, then at her.

Obviously…he was the one.

“How dare you be so clumsy?” He asked but Kaylan could hardly pay attention to him as she went on admiring his status.

He looked so young, but heavily built. His arms were so huge like a warrior and she was pretty sure they’d display some veins if it weren’t for the clothes he was putting on.

His hair was curly and flopped over his left eye,
His face looked calm, cold, but pretty dangerous and damn! He was dangerous!!

“Axel!” He suddenly called out and Kaylan shook a little at how deep his voice was.
A well built man came rushing in and Roseline recognized him as one of the guards that had picked her up.

“My Lord!” He bowed immediately in front of Xander.

Xander trailed his eyes from him and landed them on Kaylan.
Then, he asked;
“Who is this woman?”

Axel lifted his head slightly to glance at Kaylan. His question was a little confusing.

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“Uh… she’s the princess, My Lord! She’s your bride” he answered in the most soothing way he could.
A wrong tone could easily upset someone like Xander.

“My Lord!” Kaylan thought. He was being addressed as My Lord. Then, it’s been confirmed that he’s the Xander! Oh!

“Nobody told me she was dumb” he said in an icy tone and Kaylan gasped.

“What?! I’m not… I’m not dumb” she said quickly, wanting to clear the air.

Xander’s gaze darkened around her. He made a hiss and took some steps closer to her.

“Why did you mess around with my things?” He asked, standing so close to her and staring into her eyes.

Kaylan used the opportunity to stare closely at his eyes as well, they were so dark but beautiful.
And when it became too much for her to handle, she lowered her gaze down to the floor.

“I… didn’t know it was yours” she pouted. “Nobody told me. I’m sorry, anyways. You could write a letter to my father and he’d have it replaced”.

Xander’s hand itched from his back where they rested. Something strong in his guts wanted him to lift them and strike her face, or get hold of her jaws and clench it roughly.

Axel was the only one who noticed the struggle because he was standing right behind him. And he prayed fervently for the creators to calm his anger because it’d be a bad thing for the princess to get beaten up on her first day.

“Axel” he called in a low growl and Axel hurried up to stand beside him.

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“Yes, My Lord” he bowed again.

Xander’s eyes didn’t leave Kaylan’s face the whole time as he stared blankly at her.
“Get this lady out of my sight” he said in a commanding tone and Axel didn’t hesitate to hold the princess’ arm.

“Hold on..” Kaylan arched a brow. “I thought we were getting married? Wait a minute, have you canceled the wedding? You want me to go back home?”

Xander didn’t say a word but kept staring at her and Axel was the only one who’ understood he was trying so hard to control himself.

“Erm…come on,my princess. We need to leave now. Come on” he dragged her away forcefully but calmly and they finally walked out of his chambers.


Kaylan was so curious, she turned to the guard who was still holding her hand.

“Do you think he’s sending me back home?” She asked ecstatically but the guard shook his head.

“Hey, talk to me!”

“He’s not sending you back home, princess” Axel replied and a dissapointing frown crept into her face.
Damn it!

They walked for a long time until they got to a chambers which looked so much like it belonged to a female.

There was practically everything in it – a bed, wardrobe, makeup table and a mirror, chairs, decorations.

Wow! The entire place was quite big and capacious.

“This would be your room” Axel told her as he let of her arm and she took a good look around.
Hmm. It wasn’t looking bad – she concluded.

She nodded repeatedly like a lizard, running her eyes around the room, but Axel suddenly pulled her back.

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“Princess Kaylan” he called, clearing his throat a little.
“I shouldn’t be saying this but… I feel it’s important for your safety”.

Kaylan turned properly to look at him, picking interest in whatever he was trying to say.

“The Master…Lord Xander, he’s a very impatient man. He has a short temper and gets very angry too easily.

“Earlier in his room, it took him a lot not to hurt you, and I wouldn’t ever want that to happen, Princess. So, I’m trying to advise you – avoid things that’d upset him”.

“Hmph” Kaylan huffed. “Well, just so you know, your Master isn’t the only one with a short anger, Okay? I can get pretty angry as well and if any one of you try to upset me, I’ll unleash my anger on that person. Do you understand?”

Axel shook his head and scoffed. Anyway, he’s tried his best. So, he just bowed and left.

Kaylan looked at him as he left and smiled. Yeah! She was able to put some fear into him – she concluded in Victory and turned around to resume her admiration.

But… Damn it! That man! Her heart had actually skipped for a second because she thought he was going to send her home. Why didn’t he just send her home, huh??

She hissed angrily.

Anyways, her mission has just started. She was going to do everything possible to make him angry and send her home. Exactly!

Suddenly, she heard some noise from the wardrobe and turned quickly towards it.
Hah! What’s that??
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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