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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 28


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 28

By: Faith Lucky

Suspense ran through the room Immediately as Xander stared silently at the counsels with a blank expression.

The silence stretched and went on for a long time, the counsels were beginning to think they might get punished. But it was necessary.

“Why should it be of any concern to you?” Xander finally asked and it was of great relief to the men that he finally said something

“My Lord” the chief council began. “No disrespect, but you should know getting an heir is as important as ruling this community. And that’s the reason we’d gotten a third wife for you. You need an heir, My Lord. And for the fact you haven’t been intimate with your new wife is of great concern to us. Is there a problem with her? That’s the reason we’re here, My Lord, to help with your problems. So, if there is one, you should please, let us know”.

Silence descended again as it seemed like the chief counsel had spoken the minds of the rest of the people of the members and now, the ball was just in Lord Xander’s court.

It took a very long while before Xander could say something.

“My marital issues should be none of your concern” he said with a sigh as he stood up.
“About this issue, I wouldn’t want anyone to bring it up, ever again”.

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There was a deadly echo in his tone and with that said, he walked out of the room.
His guards who were already waiting for him at the door turned and followed him immediately and in that motion, they marched back to his chambers.

Dolefulness could clearly be depicted from his countenance as he walked with his hands behind his back, his head bowed.

Axel was waiting at the door of his chambers and opened the door for him as he walked in.

“Axel” Xander called, not turning around to look at him.

“My Lord” Axel came running after him immediately.

A few seconds of silence passed as Xander walked in and stood in front of his closet.

“Check on the princess and know if she’s ready. If she is, get her to the carriage” he ordered.

“As you wish, my Lord” Axel bowed and left with Immediate effect
Kaylan sat in front of the mirror, admiring her own image.

“By the saviors of the Land, you’re so beautiful, Kaylan”. Jaden drawled, her hand on her cheek.
“I’m so good at beauty touches. Look how cute I made you look huh?”

“What’re you talking about, Jaden? It isn’t just you but because I’m beautiful as well. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t look this good even if such touches are made on your face” Kaylan said.

“Huh? Are you trying to insult me or something?* Jaden hit her head.
“You aren’t this pretty either, Kaylan. As a matter of fact, you’re one ugly Lady, but I made this possible. How can you…”

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A knock interupted them instantly.

“Who could it be?” Kaylan asked with dilated eyes as a part of her told her it might be Lord Xander.

“Let me check” Jaden whispered and tip toed to the door.

Slowly, she opened it and found the guard there – Axel. Hmph

“What do you want?” She asked with a frown, holding the door open and standing in the way

Axel hesitated a little before proceeding.

“Is your princess ready? Lord Xander wants her now” he said

“When she’s red, she’ll come over. For now, you should leave” she answered blatantly and tried closing the door, but Axel stopped her.

“I have no business with you, but your princess. Now, convey my message to her” he stated icily

“Or what? You’re gonna whip me the same way you whipped her?” Jaden scoffed and just then, Kaylan showed up.

“What’s the problem Kaylan?” She asked, and Axel got stuck when he saw the appearance of the princess..

“My princess” he bowed, trying to get a grip of himself.
“It seems you’re done. Please, if you wouldn’t mind, could you come with me to the carriage? I’m working on Lord Xander’s orders” he said.

“Where are we going, huh? Don’t I, at least, deserve to know?” Kaylan asked holding a part of her dress.

“Well…” Axel sighed lightly. “He’s going for a festival. On a normal ground, Lord Xander wouldn’t want to go out with anyone, but as tradition demands, he has to go out with you”.

“Oh… Now, I get” Kaylan scoffed.
“So, I’m only going out with him because It’s required by tradition, and jot even because it’s what he wants”.
She paused and shook her head.

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“Anyway, I’m done. Can we go now?”

“Of course”. Axel bowed and stepped way from the door.

“Kaylan..” Jaden called, making Kaylan turn to look at her.
“Stay safe, okay?”

“Of course’. Kaylan smiled warmly at her.

She gave her a parting hug and left afterwards with Axel.

A lot of people could be seen moving about, getting ready for the festival. It was going to be a blast as the King and Queen were celebrating their first male child in 25 years.

Two men could be seen, standing in an empty room, in front of a window as they watched the activities taking place.

“Lord Xander will be here soon” the first one suddenly said.

“I know” the second one replied. “And he’ll be here with his wife”.

“Yes. He’ll be here with his wife. But definitely, we’ll make sure he won’t be leaving with one”.
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