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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 27


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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 27

By: Faith Lucky

Kaylan stood up as soon as Axel left

“What’s he talking about? Why does he want me to get dressed up?” She asked Jaden who was closing the door.

“I don’t know Kaylan, but based on his words, I think you’re going out with Lord Xander”. Jaden replied and could clearly see the surprise in Kaylan’s eyes

“Going out with Xander?’ she scoffed.
“And why would I go out with Xander? I mean…. to where?”

“You were here when the guard arrived, Kaylan. I have no idea. But to avoid getting into more trouble, I’d suggest we just get ready as instructed. Come on…”

She held Kaylan’s hand and pulled her towards the closet.
“I’m really not comfortable with this, Jaden. I mean, I need to know why Xander wants me to get dressed in the first place”. Kaylan grouse as Jaden riffled through her wardrobe for some clothes.

“Just stop complaining, Kaylan and do as you’re told. This is one of the reasons you’ always get punished” Jaden replied and Kaylan tweaked her ear


“You better watch the way talk to me. Don’t forget im still a princess” Kaylan snapped as Jaden shirked in pains.

“Ouch! Kaylan,let go of my ear!” She stamped her feet and Kaylan finally let go of it.

“Seriously?? I’m only trying to be of help here, yet you’re so Ungrateful!” Jaden huffed and turned to face her nnb
the closet

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“You know what? You can be annoying for all I care; I’m still gonna be here for you because once you get punished, I’m the one you’d run to” she grouse as she continued searching through the wardrobe and finally found a dress which looked fitting enough.

“I think this should be good enough”. She turned to Kaylan with the dress in her hand.

“Jaden, I’ve been thinking about something…” Kaylan arched her brow, ignoring the dress.

“Have you ever wondered…how the previous wives of Xander died? Both of them?

Jaden also paused and looked at her.

“Hmm” she ticked her tongue.
“I’ve also been thinking about it. It’s still a mystery you know? But maybe… an older person in the palace might have an idea about it”
A few seconds passed worth Kaylan not saying a word as she just simply thought about it. Could it just be a coincidence that Xander lost two wives already and now, she was the third wife. Hmph.

“Come on Kaylan, let’s go try this on” Jaden held her hand and pulled her towards the bed.


Lord Xander had two guards behind him as he walked towards the courtroom. He had somewhere important to get ready for and couldn’t comprehend the council were trying to interrupt him by sending for him so urgently.

He walked grumpily.

Finally, he got to the courtroom and found them all seated at the round table. But they stood up immediately as he entered.

“Greetings, My Lord” they greeted simultaneously but Xander didn’t say a word until he’d gotten to his position at the head of the table and took his seat.

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“You may seat” his words were rather a command and unevenly, the older men took their seats.

The two guards that had accompanied him were standing at the door.

“You called for me” Xander said, his both hands on the table.

“Yes, My Lord” the chief council stood up.
“And we’re so sorry if we inconvenienced you or anything, but it’s something urgent that’s been giving us a lot of concern”.

Xander stared blankly at him.

“It’s about your wife, My Lord” he continued.
“Some information has gotten to us that… since you got married to her, you haven’t been intimate with her. And we would, please, want to know why”.

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